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    Default Randymon made me do it!

    O.K. I just booked us for arrival August 19, 2011 for 7 days at CN! This will mean we have now hit all 4 resorts ofr at least one 7 day trip. So far CSA and CSS are tied for our favorites. CTI is nice just not right for us. We will see how CN turns out. I think it will be good plus we will do a Trading Places day at CSA anyway.... Now where do we go for our big 20th Aniv. in 2012????

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    Default all four

    Hey there,
    Same here -- except we beat you by a few months. We just booked CN for March 2011, which will be our fourth couples resort for a 7 night stay. For us as well, CTI is not one we'd probably book again -- nothing wrong with it -- we absolutely loved the staff, for sure -- but we loved the more tropical feel of CSS and CSA. We booked a Secret Rendezvous as well (to save some money), that leaves in a month (August 1st), and if get CTI, we won't be upset. Hey, it's couples -- it's still wonderful! We got hooked on our honeymoon in 2007, and March will be out sixth trip. Yes -- we're addicts .. lol. Have fun on your trip.
    windsorgirl (Christine)
    CSA (07,08)
    CTI (09)
    CSS (10)
    SR (10) and CN (11)

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    Randymon made us do it too LOL. Booked for arrival on Jan 30, 11 nights in a Penthouse suite at CSS. At first I really felt like we booked too early, but the hubbie really wanted a penthouse suite, so with them being so limited and going for 11 nights we just did it Now how to spend that $500 7 months to figure it out This will be our 3rd trip to Jamaica, but our first Couples resort. Very excited to give them a try.

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