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    My husband and I visited CN in April 2006 for our honeymoon and are practically foaming at the mouth thinking about booking a trip back for our 5th anniversary!! I have a few questions I'm hoping some of you repeaters can help me with . . . .

    1) Who gets invited to the repeat guest dinner?

    2) Regarding the Romance Rewards, do you have to stay once to "activate" the account and then receive your "rewards" on your second trip? I've already registered us but have no stays since 2009 to claim. We're planning to stay 5-7 nights, will we get rewarded during our 2011 trip?

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    Default repeat guests

    When you arrive for your second trip you will be given a repeat guest dinner invitation. They are usually waiting for you in your room. Make sure you go on the couples website, sign up for Romance Rewards and pre register for your trip so they will know you are a repeat guest and you can choose your shirt size prior to arrival.
    You do not get points for your first trip. They start counting the nights on your second trip.
    Have a wonderful trip.

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    Contact Sean Russell at, explain your situation, and see if he can find your past reservation and credit your account for that stay. That way, you'll have points in your account upon arrival and will receive perks offered to returning guests.
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