We are hoping to draw upon the experienced CSS travellers on this site to help us with our room selection at CSS for our 20th anniversary trip this fall.

We have read the decriptions and really don't need the large sitting area in our room as most of our sitting will be done on the verandah, the beach, the bar or in one of the many great restaurants.

We are in our 40's and don't mind climbing some stairs. Probably be good for me (Hubby) to wear off some of the rum drinks and great food so I don't come home with stretch marks! My dear wife has self control and always looks great so the stairs wouldn't really benefit her as it would me.

We are hoping to have a nice quiet room with a large balcony that has a couple of loungers on them...We have seen these in the pictures but are not sure what room category they are.

We would love to have a nice view of the bay so we can have coffee on the verandah in the morning and a drink or two before dinner at night.We know we can't pre-select our room but booking a certain category may help get us close to what we are hoping for.

Any thoughts as to which room category would be best to book with the hopes of getting a room as decribed above? (We think that we have read in a thread that Block E has a great view up on the cliffs but we aren't sure what room category that was or if they have large the veranda with the loungers).

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.