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    Default Just Booked our 2 week weddingmoon but have questions?

    Hey there all, just wanted to see if anyone else has traveled between resorts on their stay on the island? We just booked our 8 day wedding stay at CSA and 8 day honnymoon at CSS in the begining of March.
    If anyone has some tips on the swapping over it would be great, I've been told our trip only includes out airport transfers and we will have to line up the trip from CSA to CSS. Any suggestions on who to use for this?

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    Ok, so am I to assume that no one has bounced between CSA and CSS before?

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    You'll be able to take the shuttle between resorts, however you may have to stop over at the airport en route. Or you can hire a private car at your own expense and do some sight seeing along the way. While you are staying at CSA you may sign up for "trading places" and spend the day at CN; and likewise while you're at CSS, you may spend a day at CTI if you so desire.
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    We were going to do that split ourselves, and were told that yes, absolutely the free shuttle is included. However, as was mentioned above, you may have to stop at the airport enroute, which will add time to the trip.
    Another suggestion made here was to leave really early (like 7:00 AM) and then you can go straight through without stops. Of course the downside is that then your room likely won't be ready for quite awhile.
    We loved CSA, but decided to do a CTI/CSS split since those 2 resorts are MUCH closer together... and we haven't seen them yet, so why not?
    However, we did our wedding at CSA (and stayed for our honeymoon), so I think you should stick with CSA as your resort of choice for your wedding!!! If you don't mind the drive, CSS does look very romantic for a honeymoon

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    We've done a split between one of the Ocho Rios resorts and CSA three times. First trip we took a small 4 passenger plane. Was quick and the view was amazing. Unfortunately, the price has gone WAY up so on our second trip we hired a private ride. Set it up before our trip and it cost us about $120 and was a nice ride, took about 3 hours. We did our most recent split this past December. Contacted CSS before our trip and they set up a direct transfer(no stopping at airport)free of charge. It was no problem at all. We like to leave early in the morning so as not to waste any beach time. On all our trips we were on the beach at CSA by 10 am the day of transfer!

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    WOW well thats good to hear that they'll set up a direct transfer free of charge. The day we're switching our party is flying out too so the airport stop over might not be that bad if its with friends part way I guess.
    One thing we thought of was to hire a private transport from CSA to Mobay and have them stop at one or two places to hit some shops then drop off our party at the airport, then carry onto CSS. Does anyone have any suggestions of a fair priced shuttle outfit that may do this?

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    I don't believe we've allowed to give outside vendor info on here. But if you want to email me I'd be happy to give you the website of who we've used for not only tranfer between resorts but also airport pick up many times. Fair price, nice cars and very reliable service. Nice man too! my email is mchlmo at gmail dot com.

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