Okay so, we have booked our trip to CSA way early. We are set to go in 268 days. our first trip alone since we married 10 years ago. With the economy like it is, we have been generally untouched. my husband owns a repair shop and we have been lucky enough to be so busy that we have even hired new people this year to keep up. We are only now starting to feel the pinch from our nutty michigan economy. Between gas and groceries and crazy medical bills for our daughter who, has a severe immune system problem that requires weekly Iv treatments. Without the treatments, she can die but they are crazy expensive. I am working with the local government to put her on a state aid insurance for kids with severe health problems, that will cover the $2000.00 a week treatments but just really feeling stressed. I just thought that I would sound off, and try to just calmly remember that in all things god will provide. I miss you tommy, and everyone else who talks and tells all about there day. I am very hopeful that we will still be able to go on our trip and patiently waiting for.........our much needed break.