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    Default Nervous Bride to Be, Need Advice ASAP!!!!!!!!!!

    Hello All,

    I am planning a wedding at CSA in May 2011. I have basically been stalking the board for wedding advice and now I'm very nervous. It looks like all of the 11 AM time slots are booked for May 2011 and I was wondering if anyone had been married at 12PM. My main concern is the rain, don't really care about the heat, hey we'll be in Jamaica Any advice would be helpful. Thank you!!!!

    Soon to be Mrs.

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    From my experience, it rarely rains as early as noon. Hope that makes you feel better. I've also heard people say the resort offered to bump their wedding to the next day because the weather was terrible.

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    You should be fine
    Erika & Sean

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    I went to csa last year for a week and it never rained before 1 oclock. That is slightly cutting it close if you do a 12 ceremony and then pictures afterwards. Have you thought about the 10 am time slot? It will be slightly cooler because its earlier and you wouldn't have to worry about rain at all. And supposidely (just what i've heard) the water is bluer at that time. Just throwing that out there! Good luck!

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    Hey Negrilbride 27, what day are you getting married in May 2011? I'm a CSA May 2011 bride to be and we're getting married May 21, 2011!!! Hopefully you will be there when we are and we can meet you and your fiance!

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    I would recommend doing the ceremony later in the day. This way you are dressed and ready to go on to cocktails and pictures etc. I was just there and the couple we met got married and it rained around that time.

    Most days it did not rain at that time though...but it was stinking hot at that time and then they had to go change and then get ready again later which they thought kind of sucked lol...good luck in deciding.

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    Thank you all for the advice!!! I did actually consider the 10 AM time slot, but I wanted to do cocktails and appetizers for my guests while we take pics.

    RelaxedBride2011, we're planning for May21st as well. If I can't figure out what to do about the time, we may change the date. I'll be on the boards, so keep in touch

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    I am doing the 10a.m. time slot and still having appetizers and cocktails after the ceremony just having the cold appetizers

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    I'm doing a 10 am wedding and having apps and cocktails after the ceremony as well! Its jamaica!! Its okay to drink at noon! just my opinion. best of luck

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