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    Default AN First Time Report

    We stayed at Tower Isle December but couldn't use the AN island as the dock wasn't completed. Slightly disppointed as that was one of the reasons I chose the hotel.
    Did Trading Places to Sans Souci. Were in two minds whether to go AN or not. One couple who arrived with us were really worried they would end up in the AN area by mistake. They were in their twenties and really freaked out that there could be naked people around.
    Hubby and I agreed we'd try it for 30 minutes then leave if not happy. Went to a quiet area by the pool and stripped off no problem mon.
    No reaction from anyone - we sunned ourselves fo a while then i did the walk of shame to the bar for 2 beers. Easy peasy.
    We then went in the hot tub with our drinks and looked around the lovely pool area.
    It was so relaxing. Swam in the pool and hubby got the next drinks from the bar. He did feel a bit self conscious but again no problem. We even sat at the swim up bar with drinks.
    We left the pool for lunch then afterwards went on the beach and swam naked in the sea.
    Great experience and we would both do it again.
    We are in our 40s and this was our first time AN and it won't be our last.
    We were left alone and did not feel out of place or uncomfortable at any time it was just a chilled out time.
    We loved CSS so much we transferred over to this hotel. Unfortunately, the weather was cloudy and rainy the rest of our time there so we didn't go AN again.
    We then went to CN and it was wall to wall sunshine and had been for the last 10 days....
    We didn't do the AN at CN as we preferred to be by the main pool and didn't fancy going into the sea around clothed people but that was just our choice - we didn't have an issue with others choosing to do it.
    I would return to CSS as we loved the atmosphere but the only thing putting us off is the weather was not great there in December.

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    Amber is almost 40 and I am already 40 and we did Au Naturel for the first time our first time at CSS. Next month will be our third time at CSS and we fully intend to spend as much time as possible there. She will probably feel a bit more self-conscious this time since she will be 6 months pregnant by then, but I'm sure she'll be fine.

    I remember stripping, walking to get a drink, and heading to the bathroom for the first time. Made me feel self-aware, probably because there are always people judging you no matter what. It slowly faded away the more Dirty Bananas I had until I just didn't care anymore.

    24 days and counting...

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    We (44yo & 37yo)were @ CTI during Dec 24-31 and we were there to try the island also, luckly we were able to spend 1 day there on 29th after the "regulars" complained about the time it was taking to construct the new dock. We enjoyed ourselves and wished we could spend more time, we are now going to CN & CSS in July and we hope to spend considerable time @ the Au Natural sections.
    You mentioned "We didn't do the AN at CN as we preferred to be by the main pool and didn't fancy going into the sea around clothed people but that was just our choice"........we thought that the nude section was separate from the clothed section? I guess I will have to overcome my "fear factor" of clothed folks watching us versus other naked folks. THAT WONT BE EASY FOR US!

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    The AN section at CN is part of the beach separated by thick hedges. Once you go out into the water, you are in the same water as the clothed beach crowd. Some non-AN people walk the beach and end up in the AN area without knowing it's there.

    When we stayed at CN several years ago, we had a room that overlooked the AN beach. We didn't mind seeing nude people from our balcony, but I would bet there are some people who would rather not be gawked at by people on balconies.

    This is why we love the AN beach at CSS. Completely separate from the clothed areas.

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