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    Default Do I bring these things?

    I will be going to CSS next week and was wondering if they supply all the toiletries like shampoo, conditioner and body wash. With all the fees the airlines are now charging, I would like to pack as light as possible. If they do supply the toiletries, are they of decent quality or just the run of the mill cheapo stuff you would get at a rum of the mill chain hotel/motel?
    I typed rum instead of run, I will leave it in as Jamaica is calling me.
    Thanks for any info.

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    Couples supplies soap, shampoo, lotion and aloe vera and it is all good quality (at least I think so). I do have to say that since I have long hair and there is never enough conditioner in those little bottles I do bring along my own conditioner. Since the airlines does not lot your carry on the anything more than a couple of ounces I always pack this type of stuff in my checked luggage. Make sure to put it in a ziplock type bag in case under pressure they leak.

    We will be at CSS in November and it will be our 4th time at a Couples resort and I always over pack and worry about what to pack I think I finally have gotten into it and the phase "no problem" really applies no matter what you pack or what you don't pack it won't matter your in Jamiaca "no problems". Relax and enjoy!

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    They do provide soap, shampoo, conditioner, body lotion and aftersun lotion. It is of good quality so if you leave yours at home I think you would still be happy with the results.

    That will leave you some extra room for the RUM.

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    We don't take shampoo or bath soap. The shampoo they provide is a conditioning shampoo so they don't supply conditioner. Last year they had a very nice bath soap, previously they had provided a very nice bath gel also. They replenish these supplies as you need them. They also provided a body lotion and aloe. We are leaving the aloe at home this year.

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    The resort supplies a "conditioning shampoo" but not a separate condition. In my opinion, it's inadequate. I generally buy conditioner at the resort, but at CSS last August, they had none, had no plans to obtain any while we were there, and wouldn't call CTI to see if its store had any available. On our second full day, I was miserable and hired a driver to take me to a store to buy hair conditioner.

    We've been to all four of the resorts for a total of 17 Couples vacations, and post-9/11, I have always purchased shampoo and conditioner at the resort. Our August 2009 trip to CSS was our only visit to CSS, so I can't say if our experience was typical, but CSS was the only resort without hair conditioner. Definitely bring some.
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    They do provide toiletries but if you have hair products you love, then it's worth it to bring them. I typically bring smaller bottles (even if I have to pour some into travel sized ones) and most of it is gone by the end of the week. For me, it's worth it to bring my own products. It all depends on if you're going to be sad about just using "basic" type stuff. That's just me though.
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    They do supply a shampoo conditioner combination. I personally don't care for the stuff with my long hair, but my hubby uses it. In the past they have supplied body wash, but when we were there in November they did not supply any.

    Check with your airline on the baggage fees. Most are allowing 1 to 2 free bags for International flights. I know American and Delta do not charge until the 3rd bag.
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    Hubby likes the shampoo provided (think it's also conditioner all in one product) but I prefer to take my own. Can't even begin to get the tangles out without my own conditioner & like my own shampoo for colored hair ..... plus with the sun, salt water, & chlorine my hair takes a real beating & needs all the pampering it can get. They have body soap, body lotion & aloe vera gel which are all great. You do not need a hair dryer either ... there's one in your room.

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    Bring conditioner! Especially if you have long hair!

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    Definitely bring hair conditioner, enough for the entire time you'll be there, trust me on this. They provide shampoo which is fine, but you will need the conditioner. I brought body wash when we were at CSS because they didn't provide it in the toiletries dish this time. But you wouldn't need to, the soap is fine.

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    Couples has their own shampoo, conditioner, etc. Leave yours at home. Just like any good hotel, they're replenished as you use them. Hard to read in the photo, but here they are. Sunburn cream also.
    Have fun!!
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    They supply a body wash, bar soap, and "conditioning shampoo." I liked the body wash and the shampoo is good too but in the future I will definitely bring my own conditioner - i brought spray conditioner and it was not enough. Also I will probably bring liquid hand soap but that is a matter of personal preference. We loved our CSS honeymoon; you will have a wonderful time!
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    Default Thanks everyone

    Thank you everyone for the replies.
    I will bring my own conditioner as I do have long hair,and I know with all the salt and sun it will need it. But glad to know they have decent other toiletries.
    Cant week to go.

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    They do provide those but I did not find them to be that great other than the aloe. It's normal hotel grade stuff, fairly basic. My skin dried out when using the soap and could not even begin to comb through my hair after using the shampoo/conditioner combo. Maybe it would be ok for guys or someone with really short, thin hair. My hair is long and very thick and there was no way it was going to work. We bring our own soap, body wash, shampoo and conditioner.

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    in april of this year we got body lotion, aloe vera, shampoo/conditioner, body wash, and a massaging bath bar. (you know the kind with the nubbies on it) I have to say I was a bit dissappointed as they have changed the shower gel, the old shower gel (the blue stuff) used to smell sooo yummy! But it is all good quality.
    Erika & Sean

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