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    Default Cat Cruises at CSS?

    We have been reading of the Catamaran Cruises at CN and that was one on the things that we were hoping to do in November. Recently we have been looking at CSS as an option instead of CN (price depending). Does CSS have Cat cruises like there is at CN?

    If not, can you book one of these cruses with a reliable local company that will pick you up in front of the resort? Any idea of the extra cost for the cruise?

    Still trying to decide between the two resorts.

    Thanks for any help.

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    There is no cat cruise at CSS. I am not sure if it is possible to schedule one outside the resort or not. You might want to contact Couples to find out before you make a decision on which resort.

    My husband and I have been to CN, CTI and CSS and have decided that CSS is the resort for us. Each of the resorts have their own personallity and it depends on which one fits yours.

    CN is a larger resort than CSS so you don't have the itimacy that you have at CSS. I felt that I got more one on one attention at CSS than at CN. I felt more like family than just another tourist. If you want to give the AN atmosphere a try SSB at CSS is wonderful. There is a grill there so you never have to leave for lunch. The pool is nice size with a fountain in the middle and if you like to swim in the ocean they have a nice beach. Once you are at SSB you never have to leave and the people there are great. CSS is very intimate because it is a smaller resort. It is like an ocean side castle. There is beautiful gardens and fauna everywhere. You walk around a corner and there will be a hot tub tucked away or you come upon the mineral pool or maybe a hammock to relax in. Very romantic.
    The restaurant on the beach at night is wonderful. You are dinning under the stars and when the moon is full it is beautiful. You end up meeting all kinds of great people because it is smaller.

    We were at CTI before it was remodel and then did a day swap last year while staying at CSS and were dissappointed on how they changed the atmosphere to a more modern "New York" style resort. I did not think it had the feel of being on a carribean island. I thought the crowded was a younger crowd (mid 20's - late 30's). If you are into the AN thing the tower island is small and the pool is small. Basically it is just a stand in swim up pool. Meet a lot of great people there though.

    As you can probably guess by reading this I am partical to CSS and can't wait to get back there in November (150 days and counting). No matter which resort you pick I can guarantee you won't be disappointed.


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    The reason CSS does not have a Cat cruise is because the Cat. cannot get into the shore because of the reef
    Yes, you can book a Cat cruise from an outside vendor

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    CSS does not provide a Cat Cruise. It has to do with the boat not being able to come into the resort. For that reason if you book outside the resort for a cruise, you will be transported to a location in Ocho Rios for your Cat Cruise. So, yes, you can book something through the tour desk at the resort. Did you check into CTI. They have a Cat Cruise and are in Ocho Rios also.

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    CSS does not have the Cat cruise. There is a reef that blocks the Catamarans from getting in close. I do believe you can book one as an extra excursion, but I do not know the price.

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    CSS's beach is right on a coral reef and consequently the boat can not come to the resort without causing damage so there is not a catamaran cruise from CSS.

    There are trips that you can arrange, but I am unsure of the price.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    No included Cat cruise at CSS

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    Thanks everyone for your quick replies.
    We have talked it over and because of the romantic setting we are likely heading to CSS sometime in the fall of this year. We really like the setting as it is very sililar to our honeymonn resort 20 years ago in Port Antonio Jamaica. We would like to do a cat cruise but its not a deal breaker if we don't. It will just give us another reson to head to CN next year.

    It looks like CSS has lots of things to do to keep us busy should we wish but not tooo sure about the AN option though.

    Does the reef that you mention provide good snorkelling?


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