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    Default Just booked CSA!

    While spending a wonderful week at CN last Thanksgiving, we took advantage of the trading places program and spent a great day at CSA. We had such a good time! Deciding where to go on our next trip was hard since we LOVED CN - but we're going to see if we love CSA as much.. . We'll be staying in a Beachfront Suite at CSA during Thanksgiving of 2011!!


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    Awesome Jan! We love CSA. Good for you for trying new things. If you want to walk right out of your room and onto the beach request a bottom floor.

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    The beachfront suites at CSA are amazing! We prefer the first floor because we like to walk out our door right to the beach and the bar. The walkway it in the front and some people feel they don't have enough privacy because of that, which I can understand, but it didn't bother us. You will love it.

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