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    Default I'm happy dancing! Again!

    OMG! My dear sweet husband just knocked me for a loop. He called to tell me, "Surprise!, we're heading home to CSA the end of November/day after T-Day." I was like, "OK!!!" I'm not quite sure what to do w/myself right now? My stomach feels hinky and I can't concentrate. We ended our call just laughing @ each other. It was wonderful to hear the smile in his voice. Life does take some wonderful turns...

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    CONGRATS - what a wonderful husband you have. Have a wonderful trip

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    Yay!!! Mrs. RazzleDazzle!! Lucky You and Lucky Hubby !!!!:D

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    Hi Happytimes42 & Art&Francine! Thank you. Yeah Mon, He's a real peach & I love him so. We're very lucky indeed and I'm still pinching myself... Nov 27th will be here sooner than we think. I've already fast forwarded to T-Day, the day before we leave for CSA. In my minds eye I can see our family all around us enjoying our Thanksgiving (is my all time favorite holiday & I love to cook!) w/the football game on, appetizers, a few cocktails, and when walking past the guest bedroom w/a smile plastered on my face cuz there's our bags, all packed for home, and ready to fly. (oops! there goes my stomach again - lol!) OK, time to go to the grocery store and do our normal Saturday things. Enjoy your weekends!!! Razzl

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    That is awesome!!!!!!

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    How Awesome for you and your hubby. I am so excited for you

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