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    Default coming home Dec 5th

    Alma and I will be coming home Dec 5th thru 12th.
    This is our 6th time to CSS and 12th time to Jamaica.Look forward to meeting new folks.
    We live in the Houston area.

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    Couchdaddy ~ We will join you for a smidge of your vacation. We will be there December 10-17. We look forward to meeting you.

    Scott & Juli
    Evergreen, CO
    December 10-17

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    Scott snd Juli:

    Looks like we will have the place to ourselves Dec 5th through 12th.

    Dale & Alma: Houston tx.

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    Dale ~ I guess you are right. Well, it means we will get very special treatment that week. Will you be on SSB?
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    Default ya man!

    We normally go over to SSB early on and stay until noon.

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    We'll be on SSB all day every day. Scott will dive in the morning and then join me on the beach.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    We'll be joining you on December 5th - 12th as well. SSB all day.

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    Default Montigo Bay Arrival Time

    We get in from Houston around 12:30.Hope we can visit with you on the Bus Ride to CSS.

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    We get in from Minneapolis through Atlanta around 12:41. I guess it all depends on how long it takes us to get through customs. Last year was quick, I hope it is this year again, I can't wait to get home.

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    This will be mine and Alma's 10 trip to Jamaica. We have never had a problem getting through customs coming in.Going out, there have been a few problems with slow checkins.

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    We've been to Jamaica 5 times and really only had one time when the immigration line was long and it took about 30 minutes to get through the line. Poor Scott needed to use the restroom and I refused to get out of line. He had to wait until we were at the Couples lounge to go. LOL
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    Couchdaddy, what airline/airport do you usually fly out of Houston to Jamaica. We're going to CSS for the first time Dec 10 thru 17 but having difficulties with choosing flights (getting to mobay so late in the evening almost wasting a day traveling. We're considering a flight to Florida then booking spirit or air Jamaica. Any ideas?

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    Default IAH Airport in Houston

    Intercontinental is on North side of Houston.We fly Continental Airlines ,it leaves at 9:10 and arrives in MBJ around 12:30 non stop.

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    Jeepers, isn't anyone else joining us?

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    O K folks,its almost Nov and not many folk are signed up for the week of Dec 5th- 12th.Alma and I are ready for a break and look forward to meeting folks from around the country.Looks like Lindad and I with partners in tow will have the bus ride to our selves.

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    I have began the countdown to returning home.Busy next two week with Thankgiving coming up and before you know it, we will be back in paradise!

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    I know, I have been counting down daily. Work is really getting hard, jsut want the next two weeks to pass quickly. I want to be HOME.

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    Update on Arrival time;
    Continental has moved our MBJ arrival to 1:50 PM instead of 12:50.
    Must prolong the wait another hour.
    Lindad save a Crown and Water for me!

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    No a problem, I could even buy you one when you get to the resort (LOL). See ya then

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    We'll be there ...arriving Dec 7th thru the 14th from St Louis. So we'll be there during some of most of you guys's 5th thru the 12th stay. Our first time to CSS.. have been to CTI once and CSA three times. SO looking forward to a week of relaxation. See ya'll there!

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    Look forward to meeting you.

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    It has been snowing in Houston on and off all day.
    Hope they got some deicer tomorrow morning.
    Supposed to be 26 in the morning.Do I bring a coat with me. Na!
    We will be home around 3PM Jamaica time tomorrow.

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