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    Default Single Digit Dance

    Well today is the day! We leave for CSS 9 days from today on Dec 14th. and will be staying until Dec 23rd
    My wife and I are doing our single digit dance today

    Who else will be joining us during that time?

    Rich and Maxine (5th time to CSS, 7th times to Couples and 18th time to Jamaica
    From Long Island, New York

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    Bob and Deanne.....2 x css&couples. We leave this Friday, De. 11th but are staying till the 20th so we will see you there!!!

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    Bob and Deanne: We are looking forward to meeting you both. Hopefully we will arrive home @ CSS between 5:30 and 6 PM

    Rich and Maxine

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    Bob and Joan 14-22. First time CSS, Couples, Jamaica.

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    We will be there on the 12th, can't wait only 3 more days!!!! First time for us and we are getting married on the 14th

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