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    Default Has anyone ever got CSA or CN for the Secret Rendezvous?

    I have been on this board for years and heard many stories from people about the Secret Rendezvous, but I have never heard of anyone getting CSA or CN for their choice. It always seems to be CSS or CTI. Randymon, Is there a reason why it is so out of balance like that? Is it because CSA and CN are more booked than CSS or CTI?

    We have wanted to save a few bucks in the past and book that, but feel like we know we will end up with CSS or CTI so we always book CSA if possible, or CN.

    Isnt the Secret Rendezvous supposed to be a 1 in 4 shot of getting one of the resorts? It seems more like a 45%-45%-5%-5% of getting one of those.

    It'd be great if there was a way of putting all 4 resorts in a hat, so to speak, and draw one out and thats what you get. But with the majority of all people on this board getting CSS or CTI, then it obviously seems it isnt done that way.

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    Secret Rendezvous is to fill unfilled rooms. Yes, people have posted with getting CN and CSA, but as they are in Negril and people like the beach as well as CSA gets a lot of Weddings, they tend to fill up more quickly.

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    I agree, it does sound like people get CTI or CSS more. Someone on the board recently posted that they got CSA!

    Are you doing the SR? What resort did you get?

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    our first trip to couples was SR- and we got Negril
    Dave & Beth Hay

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    We spent a lot of time with a couple on SR and they received Couples Negril.

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    Our first visit to Couples was via SR (2002)and we gor Negril Next we decided to try CTI and fell in love (with the resort). We have been back every year since, except 2008 when CTI was closed and we went to CSS. Back to CTI in 6 weeks for our 10th visit (to a Couples Resort).

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