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    Default Piano Bar at CN

    I haven't read anything about the piano bar at CN and more specifially, about Mr. Paul Tucker. Is he still there? We will be there in Feb. and can't wait to spend a couple nights singing with the "Piano Man". Also, when we were there in '08, the few song books that were there were in pretty bad shape. Are there new ones there now?

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    I too have been wondering about the piano man. I hope I can see him again soon. Does anyone have a video of him?? I know there are videos of "ultimate Chocolate" from CSA, but have not found one from Paul at CN. I did not have a video camera then and wish I would have had one. I now have a video camera, but don't know if I can come back soon.

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    Default Think it is PAul who was there

    We went earlier this month, and the gentleman at the piano bar was tremendous. Did a great job engaging everyone in the crowd, although there were only about 20 people in the lounge. The bar itself is very nice, and quite cool, so bring a sweater.

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    Paul was there in Dec 2009 on our last visit, and some of the song books were recently reprinted. We are heading back to CN this December, and Iím hoping and expecting that he is still there. If not, I will be disappointed. He is one of the reasons why we love CN, and try to go back there, year after year. His laugh is infectious, and he is very effective at working the crowd and encourages participation. Never in my younger days, would I ever have participated in a sing along at a piano in a bar, and now because of him, I canít imagine a trip without to CN with our him being there. I have no videos, of Paul but I have a few still shots.
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    Paul was still there in May & still entertaining - his laugh is soo infectious

    The song books are in good condition, so my guess is they've been replaced since your visit.
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    Default Paul Tucker... The man...

    Yes, Paul is there three nights a week. I think Tuesday, Friday and Saturday. He is the best and should not to be missed.

    "He is the man!"

    "Just Me"... Joe D.

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