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    Default Almost ready to book CSS in penthouse suite...just a few questions:)

    Hi all. Well we are almost to the point of booking a Penthouse Suite at CSS for 11 nights in Feb. Very excited but wonder if anyone can share any pics of the PH suites in the E BLOCK. Tons of pics for D BLOCK and we love the look of them...but E block looks like a totally different lay out....can anyone help us??

    We are used to doing resorts that no longer require many reservations for does it work at CSS, can you do a few days in it easy to get a 6:30 or 7 time slot? We prefer to eat early

    My hubbie is hoping to do the scuba it easy to do the resort course, the included dive, and then pay to do more? Almost sounded like that is not always possible to pay and do more.

    Thanks so much everyone....we are usual Sandals travellers but really want to give Couples a try as we have such great things about them Any advice would be so appreciated!!

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    Default E block picture

    Hi - we were in the E block - be aware that it is right next to the Balloon Bar where the nightlife occurs. It can be noisy. If you are night owls or like to hand out in the evening this is a good block. If you like early evenings (like us), it can be loud. Although the view is AMAZING....
    We are going back Jan 29 - Feb 5th in 2011 to CSS and the following week in CN. Can't wait.

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    Thanks for the pic iriesue and I guess we will see you at CSS then We arrive on Jan 30 till Feb 10 Was that room a penthouse? What did you book this time around....happy to see so many people return to CSS...that is a good sign

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    I thought the diving was great at CSS. I've never been before, and it was a good experience for me. Sign up when you get there...there is often a waiting list, so you might have to wait a few days after your arrival.

    Just make sure to check the FAQ section regarding activities to ensure that you can answer "no" to every question on the dive form. If you can not, print out the doctor's approval form and have your doc sign it before you leave. Present the signed form from the doc when you submit your dive form(the first thing you do for the dive class).

    Yes, there are more dives you can take after the free dive. I think they are $50, but you can advance to eventually get a certification.

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