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    Default Oct/9th thru 18 SSB

    HI JIM AND JUDY FROM North Texas just a couple of Sunset Beach bums
    any one in the 50s be there ?

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    Any one else our age be there from the dallas area oct 8th /19

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    With a little gentle persuassion this afternoon, I am hoping to convince Mrs. Piperman to partake in a return visit. If successful, the dates will be Oct 10 til Oct 18.

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    Well, there is no bruising on Mrs. Pipermans arm, absolutely no twisting was needed! We indeed arrive at CSS on Oct 10, and will realistically be on SSB Oct 11.

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    Hi Rene and Tracy will be San Souci from Oct 9 to 16 for our no tinline vacation. We plan on spending the week on SSB, except for Tracy massage and my round of golf or scuba diving.

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    HI JIM AND JUDY FROM Texas ,,, Hope to see you all there , We will be on SSB from the time we get there untill time for dinner every day , this will be our 5th time to CSS time here we been trying to make it ever this is twice this year we love this place

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    We're David and Sharon from Toronto, looking forward to meeting both old and new friends at CSS/SSB. See you there on the 10th!

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    Default Herb & Kristyna

    Hi Jim & Judy and other SSB Goers!
    Herb & I will there 10/8 thru 10/13. We're from upsate NY & both in our early 50's. Looking forward to meeting everyone! Sounds like an awesome place to vacation at.

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    Hi Jim & Judy and All SSB Goers,
    We'll be there for the first time 10/8 thru 10/13. We'er from upstate NY and in our early 50's. Looking forward to making new friends!

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    Its a very nice place we love it this will be our 5th time here at CSS , to the Island 4 other times this is far the best, We dont do much other then just lay around SSB most of the time [ ] hope to see new friends

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    We'll be on SSB from October 15 to the 24th. Third visit. We look forward to it every year!

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    Mid to late-40s close enough? We will be there 9-16 October. 5th time, too. Definitely on SSB.

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    Hi Ya
    Jim & Judy here in Texas doing a count down till the 9th
    will be on SSB by the time the sun goes down

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    Well it's officially under 30 days til we arrive, can't wait. How is everyone else handling the wait?

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