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    Default Weather at CTI????

    Hi everyone!

    Very excited to be arriving at CTI on Saturday afternoon....but.....

    What's up with the weather forecast????? 60% chance of rain and or storms each day???

    We've never been to the Caribbean before, obviously 1st timers to Couples, and we are worried that our fun in the sun vacation will be rained out! Will it rain the entire time? What things can you do at the resort if it does rain?

    We are very excited and looking forward to some much needed relaxation! Any answers you can give us or any reassurance would be much appreciated!

    Liz and Kevin

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    In the same boat. Leaving Saturday for CSS. first time to Jamaica and really the first kidless vacation since before we were married. I'd hate to have the whole week ruined by a storm system.

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    I know how you feel! We are arriving for the first time a week from Monday. I have been watching the weather for months and it seems as if EVERYDAY there is a chance of rain!! I assume it is just the tropical weather. Hope so!

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    DON'T watch the weather. You will only get depressed. It is the tropics, it is the hurricane season. That being said, it may rain, but they are usually brief showers nothing to ruin your vacation. You are after all at Couples, in Jamaica with your loved one. What could be better?

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    We're in the same boat too!!! We leave on Sat and this is our first time to Jamaica as well!!! Hopefully we'll have an opportunity to enjoy the beach and outside activities..if not I'm sure they'll have indoor activities. See you tomorrow!!!

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    I second what Vickyj said... don't let that wetaher get in your head. I check the weather every day in negril and every day it says the same thing. You will most likely have a short rain shower every day and I think that is why it always says that. But the showers are short and always seem to be a nice break in the middle of the afternoon. Sometimes we have one bad day of showers all day but that is a day we go and hang out at one of the bars (or bar hop) meeting people. Or we hang out on the verandah and read or play cards and just appreciate the quality time together. CTI used to have am indoor game room but I'm not sure if they still do after the remodel. The staff is really awesome and they usually come up with great things to do for the guests to keep the entertained during raining day. Dont let it ruin your trip. We even did a catamaran during rain once and we still had a blast.

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