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    Default Just booked CSS, but have an important question...please help:)

    So I just went ahead and booked CSS for Feb for 11 nights...and were able to confirm a Penthouse for the whole trip...YIPPEE I should be soooo excited, but just remembered something that has me second guessing. What is the smoking policy here now...I remember a poll a while back regarding rooms going smoke free. I have a severe sensitivity to smoke....and if it's in a public area I will just move.....but If I'm in a room that say the last guests smoked in I will unable to stay in it. This has been such a non issue for us for a few years now, with the resort chain we usually go to as smoking allowed only on balconies and outdoor areas, that now I am very worried if smoking is allowed in all rooms/suites I will be in trouble.
    Can you request a smoke free room?
    And for anyone wondering....totally your choice to smoke, not a 'bash' smokers post at all....just a serious health related question, and depending on the answer I may have to cancel this trip and book a different chain of hotel.
    Thanks everyone

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    I remember that my husband smoked on the balcony, but I do not think that smoking is allowed in the rooms. I am sensative to smoke smells as well and do not remember smelling any kind of smoke in any of the rooms on our 3 stays there. There was another thread about places to smoke around the resort and maybe that would be helpful for you too.

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    There are no designated non-smoking rooms at Couples. Different country, different laws. I have asthma and have a severe reaction to cigarette smoke. We have been to CSA and CSS. I have never noticed a smokey smell inside of the rooms. I think it is because there is no carpeting or heavy drapes to hold in the smell. However, if you are super sensitive, it could be an issue to be absolutely honest.

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    As mentioned, no carpets or heavy drapery to hold in the odors. BUT if it is a bother, please let the front desk know and they should be able to move you. Our AC broke one year and we had a new by the end of the day.

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    Thanks guys for your replies. I called Couples today and got a different reservation agent then who I had yesterday and she was fabulous. Amazing how different people can be. Feeling much better now about our booking I will say however her explaination of the smoking policy was too funny. Basically the rooms are non smoking if you don't smoke, but smoking if you do smoke....LOL. Anyhow made a note on our file about non smoking and to do a 'deep' clean for us so we shall see. If an issue for me I'll have to deal with it when we arrive. Thanks again!
    YAHOO....CSS in penthouse for 11 nights

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    We've been to CN 5 times and CSS 1x and have never smelled smoke in the rooms. They have ask trays on the balcony and I think most people if not all smoke outdoors rather than in the rooms.
    ... it keepsh me shane

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