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    My fiance and I chose CSA because I saw that they had a restaurant that seemed as if it caters to vegetarians. For those of you who have been there-- are there many options available to a vegetarian at CSA? It makes me a bit nervous- thinking that we may be going to an all inclusive and therefore paying money for food I can't eat. I eat eggs/milk.. just no meat (fish, chicken, beef..etc)

    Thanks for your help!!

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    Well, the veggie bar's a great bet for lunch - portobello mushrooms grilled, veggie burgers (good ones!), lots of stuff like that. They serve a little fish, but everything else is really and truly vegetarian-friendly.

    Breakfast, you're good, too. They've got cereal, scrambled eggs and omelettes, lots of local specialties, fruit, granola and yogurt, as well as yummy fruit smoothies.

    At every meal, there was one vegetarian option. I really enjoyed it usually (vegetarian goulash once, at Feathers, noodles in flavorful sauce at Lemongrass, etc.) At the buffet, you're always covered - pastas, etc., and other good stuff. Pizza at Patois Patio was great, lots of veggie options there (or you can ask for meat to be left off).

    The only bad thing is that the vegetarian choice was typically limited to the entree - most h'ors d'oeurves and salads, even, would have meat. You can ask to have it left off, or you can simply say what you don't eat and ask if they have anything. They're very open to working with dietary restrictions.

    I loved, loved, love the veggie bar, though, and I think you will too. Don't be nervous - a vegetarian can easily end each meal feeling just as stuffed as the meat-eaters. Have fun!

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    Seagrapes has a wonderful selection of items for you and the menu changes during the week. you will find plenty of things to eat at the other resturants as well. have a look at the menus listed on the website.


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    I felt the same way before I got there. Let me tell you... I LOVED THE FOOD! Not only am I a vegetarian, I eat like a child... very picky. There are plenty of things for us to eat there and besides that, everything is delicious. I've never had food that was this good... ever... anywhere. When we got home I didn't even want to eat here.. that's how spoiled I was. So, no worries. Enjoy!

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    Thanks for your help!! This makes me feel a lot more comfortable. I'm not too picky (well, other than I don't eat meat) I just like to have healthy options so I don't feel weighed down all day. I'm going to have a look at the menus; I didn't realize they were on here.

    Thanks again!

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    Being a vegetarian will not be a problem. There is TONS of things available.

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    I am a veggie too. I was so excited to get jerked vegetables at Seagrapes!!! Yay! I never had jerk before because it is usually meat. I loved the falafel cakes (did not tastes like falafel but was great in its own right) and the dips that came with sweet potatoe chips there too.

    The veggie pizza at Patois was soooo good!

    I found that if I told my server what I don't eat, the chef always came up with something good.


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    The salad bar at The Palms is THE BOMB!

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