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    So, one thing I wondered is if the pools had specific hours of use or if you could say, go chill in the pool at midnight? I've always liked to sit in a pool or hotub late at night, but wasn't sure if we would be able to do that at CSA. Is the only hot tub at CSA the one at the spa? If so, I would imagine we won't be able to use the hot tub late, but hopefully the pool still.

    Thanks for any help you can give.

    Counting down until August 5th! Can't wait!

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    There are hot tubs on either side of the pool with the swim up bar just outside Patois. They are all open 24 hours. We were in the pool and hot tub late 2 of the nights of our November trip. It is wonderful and the snack bar is right there if you want something to eat.

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    Yes, you can go swimming at midnight. Besides the spa's lovely relaxation pool, CSA has 2 hot tubs located near the Great House pool, another one midway through the resort which is sort of tucked in between the buildings, and one more located near the Palms pool. Enjoy !

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    Default Pool at Night

    They do clean/shock the pools at night, but not every pool/hottub. We enjoyed the hottub well into the evening. Although they recommend against it (especially if you are drinking all day), I think you can do what you want without being bothered. This is especially true at CSA where some hottubs are very tucked away!

    Enjoy the late night activities!


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    Graet news! Thank you so much!

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    Man a night soak...Now one more thing to add to my lists of "Glad I choose Couples". Every other resort seems to close down at like 6 or 7.

    I will say, the people we met in those evening pool times were some of the coolest we met in all of Mexico though.

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