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    Default Snorkeling at CN

    Is it worthwhile to bring our own snorkeling gear. also is it possible to snorkel on your own at CN or do you have to be on a "resort trip". Thanks for the help


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    Some of our friends have brought their own snorkel gear with them and did some snorkeling on their own, but I don't how good it was. I think to really see better snorkeling you should do the resort trip, and because it does not cost anything to you, why not.

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    There's not anything to see off the beach. You will have to go out on the boat to get to the reef. It really depends on if you prefer to use your owm gear.

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    If you already have your own gear I would bring it. I do, but my wife doesn't. As for going out and snorkeling on your own, I'm sure with enough money you could arrange it, but in general no you'd have to go on the trip(they do have plenty of these though). The water in Bloody Bay near CN is pretty shallow and you would have to swim out a long ways to get to an area worth snorkeling in. You would also have to swim through all the boat and jetski traffic as well which would be pretty dangerous.

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    The snorkling equipment at CN seemed to work fine for us. Our goggles fogged up rather easily, but I don't think that was anything to do with the equipment. They do soak the snorkels and goggles in a solution that didn't taste so great when you put it in your mouth, but it wasn't terrible. There is really nothing to see while snorkling inside of the ropes in front of the resort, and I dont think you would want to go outside of the ropes since there are jet skis and boats everywhere.You can go on as many resort trips as you want though, just ask the captain, Captain Crunch, to take you to different reefs each time.

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    Bring your snorkeling gear. The resort trip is the best but you can snorkel on the beach. There's not much to see but sand and a few fish but it is very clear. You can also take a 2-man kayak to the rocky point past Grand Lido (old name) where there is excellent snorkeling.

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    My future husband & I plan to bring our own Mask & Snorkel as I really don't want to use the ones provided. I did have the same question as if you could snorkel on your own or have to be part of a group...

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    The water near the shoreline is all sand without much sea life, but we do bring our gear to go snorkeling on the catamaran trip. There is a lot of sea life to see there. Some people also take out a sail boat and go over to Booby Island and snorkel.
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    how many two person kayaks are available

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    I like to bring my own snorkel because it has a ball valve and purge valve. The resort's snorkel's are all plain tubes, and I freaked out the first time I tried snorkeling and got salt in my mouth. I borrowed my father-in-law's snorkel to take with me the last time I went and had a ball. After we got back, he bought me my own when he heard I'd had so much fun.

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