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    Default Racquetball at CSA in July?

    I'm going to be at CSA from July 12-17. Anyone going to be there at the same time looking to play some racquetball?

    I'm a solid B player, but I'll gladly play people above or below my level; I really just want the workout.

    And, for anyone who has played before, what does the "racquetball clinic" on the schedule entail? If I just show up at that time, am I likely to find someone to play? Thanks in advance!

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    Never been to the clinic. There is a sign up sheet there for pick up games. My wife and I played every morning.

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    Thanks for the tip about the sign up sheet; I'll look for it. I'll also check out the clinic and report back when I return.

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    Ashford and Hopton are both pros at CSA.(they were there in March) You probably can engage them by signing up at the sports complex desk.

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