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    Planning a trip to CSS in October...CANNOT WAIT!!! I want to do 1 excursion off-resort that isn't included in our stay (Dunn's River Falls, Margaritaville, Shopping, etc.). Anyone have a suggestion of a super-cool excursion? I've thought about the ATV ride, maybe rafting? Any input is greatly appreciated!

    One last question. As silly as it may sound....what I am looking forward to most is BLUE MOUNTAIN COFFEE!!!! Do they serve is at CSS? How much should I expect to pay for it? And is there a limit to how much you can bring back to the states?

    Again - any input is GREATLY appreciated!

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    We just got back from CSS yesterday. I suggest buying the blue mountain coffee at the airport. It is much less expensive than the resort gift shop. They do only serve this coffee at CSS and yes it is very good. We went on the Dune Buggy excursion this time and it was soooo much fun. We did atv's at csa 5 years ago and that was also a lot of fun. But I can say for sure the Dune Buggy's is awesome.

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    If you like blue mountain coffee, you might want to try the blue mountain bike tour. It does take all day but it's kinda cool to see the coffee plantation up close and personal. It's all downhill so not difficult and tons of fun (even in the rain which we just experienced last Thursday). You can book through the excursion desk at Couples. You can email me at if you want more details.

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    Thanks dnbmccann, this is GREAT info! Can't WAIT to have the coffee!

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    GO ZIP-LINING!!!!!!!!!!!!
    My (now) husband and I did it with Chukka Caribbean about 3 years ago and it was just amazing!!!!!!!!!

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