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    My husband and I stayed at CSA last fall and absolutely loved it! We are planning on returning to a Couples resort next fall and are considering CN. One of my favorite things about CSA was eating breakfast on our beachfront verandah looking out onto the beach and ocean and listening to the waves. I know CN's rooms aren't as beachfront, but can someone describe the probable view we would have on a verandah if we stayed in a CN Deluxe Beachfront or Deluxe Ocean room? Thanks for your help!

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    We have been to CN twice and both times stayed in a Deluxe Beachfront in Bldg. 6, 1st floor. We had a wonderful view of the beach and ocean. We were very happy with the room and our view. We enjoyed sitting on our patio for a while every day before getting ready for dinner. We are booked for 2011 at CN in the Deluxe Beachfront. We hope to be in Bldg. 6 again if it is available at the time. I would be interested to know someone's opinion on the Deluxe Beachfront on the other side of the resort.

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    More than likely your 'dead-on' view will be of palm trees, but off to the side you will see the ocean. There is also a change that your view will be of palm trees with the ocean in the back ground. I know it doesn't sound real great, but we love those rooms. The view is bright, open, and down right lovely.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    In 2009 we stayed at CN in a Deluxe Ocean Room - our view was of the wedding gazebo, beach with palm trees, and a patch of ocean. We did have a palm tree trunk right in front of our balcony, but it really wasn't a big deal. Loved early morning especially watching staff clean and rake the beach and the calm water beyond. Also loved watching the birds play in the palm tree, and the wedding gazebo was beautiful set up for a ceremony one day that we were there. I think we were on the top floor in the middle of building 7 if I am remembering correctly. We really liked the view, even though it might not seem spectacular as I've described it.
    Sarah (& Baxter)
    CN 2009; CTI 2010; CSS 2011;
    CN 2012; CTI 2013

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    We stayed in beachfront room in Bldg.5 Loved it. I have three pictures to show you. One is looking directly at the room. Another one is the view if you lean and look to the right to see the ocean. The last one is the view we had directly across from us of the divers pool. As you see, the balcony is not that big. But we loved it. We liked that area because we were close to the water sports place.
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    This was the view from our 3rd floor beach front suite at CN.

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