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    Default Such Fun Shooting a Wedding!

    It was such a pleasure to visit Couples Negril in May to shoot a wedding for Matt and Helen! Not only was the ceremony beautiful, but my girlfriend Julie and I had such a blast soaking in the tropical atmosphere. WE ARE COMING BACK FOR SURE!!

    The staff - especially the event coordinators - Carlos, Travis, Nellie, and others were so much fun to hang out with! It was like we were all good buds by the end of the trip.

    Here are a few of the highlights from the special day:

    To see the full post and FUSION VIDEO, visit here.


    Lawrence Chan and Julie

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    wow amazing photos thanks for sharing

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    Love the pics!

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    WO_OW!!! Absolutely Beatiful!!!

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    WOW. I love the pictures and the story was even better! Great job!

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