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    Default Is Couples too much "party" atmosphere?

    I think I may have finally decided on CSS for a 20th anniversary trip for my husband and me, but now I am looking at some of the messages on the board with pictures and am thinking that it may be too much of a party type atmosphere for our liking. We are looking for something that is peaceful, relaxing and romantic. Most of what I read fits that bill, but then I started noticing other things and am not so sure. Any insight?


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    There are partys depending on the week. However you choose how much or how little you want to be involved in if you want it to be a romantic vacation you can. If you want to party during the daytime and romantic at night you can. If you want to veg on the beach and do nothing guess what you can it is totally up to you and yours on the vacation you make it.

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    CSS has the largest property,but the least amount of rooms. It is very spread out. It is really not a party place. It really depends on the week you. If there is a party crowd when you are there you can avoid it by being someplace else on property.
    In most cases when you explore the property you will feel like you are the only coule there

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    I think Richli2 said it right. CSS is really magical, and it sounds like it's exactly what you are looking for. So many times my hubby and I felt like we had the place to ourselves. I can't wait to go back. Go to CSS, you will love it!

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    You have picked the perfect resort,lot's of places for privacy. Ypu will LOVE it!

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    We've been to CSS twice and I would say it definately is not a party place. Apart from the late party on SSB after the beach party and friday gala (which you do not have to attend, it is a very quiet resort.

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    I agree, CSS is not a party resort. It is very quiet and romantic. Nicely spread out so you can get away and be with the one you love. No need for concern, you have picked the perfect place for your anniversary.
    Juliann & Jeff
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    We were at CSS last year, and have been to CSA otherwise. We also got to see CN this past January as part of the trading places program. I wouldn't characterize any of the resorts as a "party" resort, especially compared to resorts in Miami or even the Bahamas. Yes, there is unlimited access to alcohol, so there will be folks doing shots, and having an overall good time. We were at CSS for 10 nights, and on only one night was there a loud group at the beach bar into the wee hours, and they were a wedding party. Not a big deal at all. We find Couples to be the perfect place to reconnect with each other, but also get a chance to meet a lot of new friends. Of course, each experience is different, but we have not found it to be a drink-til-you-puke type of establishment.

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    No I don't think it is. I am definetly not a party person. Actually, I am a dead beat at night. We never felt that we had to party. We always went to our room early because I am so use to getting up so early, that my inner clock has me ready for bed by 9 or 10 at the latest. Don't worry, you will love CSS.

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    Default Thank you!

    Thanks everyone. You have all been helpful. We definitely want to have our share of fun, but just am looking forward to peace. The Gala night looks amazing. Not dead yet, just getting old. JK I can't wait to go now.

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    I'm with most in here - none of the Couples resorts can be described as party central, but if you are looking for the quietest of the batch, then CSS wins hands down. Enjoy!

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    Default No worries!

    When my wife and I go on vacation, we are pretty much the most boring people in the world. We put away our wallets, phones, Blackberries, and computers, and we just sleep in, park it on the beach with a stack of books and some ridiculous tropical drinks, wade in and out of the water when it becomes too hot, and eat some great food. For us, Couples provides the perfect place to decompress and just have a good time together. These resorts are wonderful.

    Despite the unlimited open bar, I have never seen groups of people (or even any one person) stumbling around the grounds drunk like they were at Senor Frogs in Cancun during spring break. Not even close. Couples just isn't that kind of place because people are there to spend quality time with each other. Seriously.

    Not to say though that the Couples resorts are totally boring places, either. There are bars with entertainment at night, many events throughout the week, and you can meet and socialize with other couples should you so desire. But that certainly does not interfere with our desire to be completely boring and at ease.

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    If anything, couples is too little of a party atmosphere.

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    We have never been to CSS, I hear it is very romantic. We go to CN, the first trip we made was for our 30th anniversary. We are returning for our 5th trip this yr. It is the most relaxing and romantic place. We look forward to our trip every year. Hoping to be able to go next yr with the economy. Will probably book the room before 7/1 just in case we can go. I think you will have a wonderful time

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    You must be KIDDING!? I have never heard people describe ANY Couples Resort as TOO MUCH Party. I truly wonder where the heck people find these supposed posts. Really....

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    We went to CSS for our 12th anniversary. The resort is perfect to fall in love again but also we noticed we had an even more enjoyable time getting to know other couples there and having a good time. But as far as CSS being a party place it is what you make of it. You can be too yourselves and focus on each other or you can spread out it is entirely your choice. We cannot wait to go back again and again but I would never call it a party place.

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    CSS is definitely NOT a "party atmosphere" ............ guess it depends on what you call a 'party' though ....... Let's put it this way ..... You have to go looking for a party if you want one from what I could see when we were there. It's very peaceful, quiet & romantic ........ plus GORGEOUS with lots of places to be just the 2 of you. When you think of "spring break" this is NOT IT ........ NOT in any way so no worries. Very perfect for couples on a honeymoon or anniversary.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bearso View Post
    You must be KIDDING!? I have never heard people describe ANY Couples Resort as TOO MUCH Party. I truly wonder where the heck people find these supposed posts. Really....
    Well in the past few weeks this message board has had several posts detailing large weddings or groups have made the resort seem more party like then romantic getaway

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