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    Default CSS 1st Timers, Good Snorkeling?

    Hello everyone! My husband and I will be going to CSS for the first time August 23-29. Just wanted some opinions on the snorkeling around the resort, and of the snorkeling excursions offered. We last snorkeled in Bermuda and it was literally like being in an aquarium, there was so much sea life! I recently saw a You Tube video of coral reef in Jamaica that was all dead. So sad...We will be bringing our own equipment. Thanks for any help!! Katie
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    We're avid snorkelers (we have our own gear). We were at CSS in January. We've also snorkeled at CSA. The reefs around CSS are in pretty good shape. Having said that, it's not on par with Grand Cayman or even Bermuda. We loved the snorkeling in Bermuda, so I know what you mean. But the snorkeling trips were well worth while at CSS. They take you to 2 different sites, and both of them have a good variety of fish and coral.

    If the water is clear, you can also snorkel right off the beach. However, of the days we were there, the water was only clear enough to snorkel off the beach on 2 days. Those were 2 spectacular days, though! There is a lot of beautiful brain coral to the right past Charlie's grotto.

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    When we were there (late June/early July) the snorkeling was better on the morning trip.

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