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    Default 10 Year Anniversary CSA or CSS

    Planning on taking my wife to Couples this fall to celebrate our 10 year anniversary. We were to CSA a few years ago and loved it; but thinking about CSS this time. We love hanging out on the floaties, enjoying good food at night, having a great view from the balcony, eating bananna stuffed french toast for breakfast, jerk chicken for lunch and humus and sweet potato chips in the afternoon. Are we going to be disappointed if we choose CSS?

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    We had been to CSA 3 times before we tried CSS this past January. We loved CSS, but it is quite different from CSA. Not to disappoint you, but I don't recall seing banana stuffed French toast at Pallazina for breakfast. There also isn't the vast area to use the floaties like at CSA, since the beach area is much smaller. The views from the balconies, though, are spectacular, especially if you have a room on one of the cliffs. And there is nothing more romantic than dinner on the terrace at Casanova (beats the pants off of Feathers IMHO).

    I really don't think you will be disappointed unless you absolutely must have long walks along the beach. And if you are looking for a romantic walk, try strolling around the pond in back of the "A" block. It's beautiful, with lots of turtles, birds, fish, and flora.

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