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Thread: Major scars??

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    Default Major scars??

    SO we are going to do the trading places in a few weeks and hubby wants so badly to try the AN at CN. I had a Tummy Tuck and have a MAJOR scar across my tummy and also a new belly button with a scar. I have some Derma Blend but it wont cover it all. Do you see allot of Major scars!! Also where do you strip down? On the beach or in a changing roomm??? Never been to one!

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    Default Undress

    No need for dressing rooms. Just stake out your dig on the beach and take off your suit. After 10 minutes have passed(maybe less time), you won't look back.

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    Scars, cellulite, varicose veins,wrinkles, freckles,birthmarks,hair/no hair.....its all been seen.If its on the human body and you have enjoyed your time on the AN side of any of the Couples resorts, then that is the view you can look forward to.However.....I don't really think you'll notice much of that. Most likely your attention will be focused on the beautiful Jamaican beaches, the warmth of the Jamaican people and the amazing people you will meet while sharing the above with the one you love!.Truly worries!Have a wonderful time
    Strip down is done usually by your lounge chair,but if your more comfortable in the ladies room....that works too.There are no rules.As long as you disrobe within a few moments of your arrival,its all good.

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    You select where you want to sit and disrobe there. Your swimsuit is always right next to you.

    I wouldn't worry about scars or marks on your body. No one will say anything unless you start a conversation about it.

    It is all about you being comfortable with yourself.

    What do you notice on the AN beach?

    The lack of tan lines in some and the lack of a tan in others.

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    Default Major Scars?

    I don;t know about CN but I've stayed at CTI and CSS and no-one has said anything.

    I have a big old scar that goes half way round my waist. It's pretty old but you can still see it.

    However, I don;t even think about it now. More conscious of the cellulite initially and a few dirty bananas and meeting wonderful new friends soon takes care of that pointless worry.

    Hope you have a great vacation.

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    No need to worry. I have several scars including from breast reduction. I've never had anyone ask about my scars. I have also seen ladies on the beach who have had a mastectomy and they proudly wear their scars.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    We all have our body beauty marks, every scar, tat, or love handles are uniquely you. I concur with above the location the experience and the amazing people is what your memories will be not the guy with orange hair or the lady with the scar, well maybe the orange hair. Love who and how you are.

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    I think in our experiences on the AN beach it seemed more people had scars on their bodies than did not - myself included -
    ... it keepsh me shane

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    Stangely enough, it was kinda fun to compare scars with other folks...Tangles, I too have had an abdominoplasty and my hubby has several scars from orthopaedic surgeries..One of the bonuses is when I got my belly buttone pierced, it didn't hurt! You will be JUST FINE! I am sporting a great tan this summer, but am dismayed by my tan lines. Can't wait to get back 'home' next year and not have any!

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    i am so glad you came on here and posted! I have terrible stretch marks all over...always have. i'm pretty outgoing though, so i figured it was no big deal...but of course there is some apprehension. i think it's awesome that we can just talk about it. it's good to know that everyone has the same worries. =) I'm sure there are plenty of scars, wrinkles and chub to take your mind off your own "imperfections." what matters is that we are all human and all love the feeling of sunshine on our skin. =)

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    How many huts or shade is available at CSS on SSB?

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    Go and ENjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    No worrys
    Irie Mon

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