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    Default Sorry if I missed it, but is Topless allowed at CSS other than at Sunset Beach?

    we know about (and look forward to) the AN beach, but there are, um, certain times that I'm more comfortable just topless....


    annie (and matt)

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    Because of the availability of SSB you won't see much topless on the main beach and pools. Is it allowed? Good question. From what I haver heard if no one complains topless is ok outside of SSB

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    Default topless

    My wife plans on tanning topless on the main beach. There are mixed reviews. Some people have said that it is allowed, while others say that it isn't addressed in the rules so it isn't allowed. I'm sure that most people will be discreet about it and everyone is on vacation and won't mind anyways. I say go for it.

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    On the main beach it is allowed.


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    I recall seeing some topless women at the main beach but I don't believe they allow topless at the pools.

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    The choices at CSS are textile or not. AN is at SSB and everywhere else is textile. Of course we've seen topless on the main beach...just not walking around.

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    What, like around 3:30?


    The rules state that there isn't anywhere for topless sunbathing at CSS, but we've seen it on the main beach. If nobody complains, you might be ok, as long as you don't draw attention to yourself.

    It also might, and I repeat, MIGHT be acceptable if you are already known by the group at SSB during you stay and you just happen to need to cover up for a day. You will most likely feel weird, since more people will look at you since you'll stick out. I painted a bikini on my wife last year and she said she felt really self-conscious because people were looking/gawking at her to see what was going on.

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    Talk about drawing attention to your wife!


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    Yeah, it rained all morning so we wanted an activity besides drinking. I didn't realize it would attract so much attention!

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