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    I've read about the shopping in Ocho Rios and there are some warnings about agressive vendors. Where does Couples Tower take guests to go shopping? Any comments about the experience? I'm heading there in 2 days! Excited as can be!

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    We were at CTI last July and they took us to Island Village shopping center. It's a nice complex and includes Margaritaville, which is a must for my husband. Right down the street you can walk to another shopping center that has a better variety of shops and I think more selections. I'm guessing on the spelling but it's called Tajmahal shopping center. It is very safe and close to walk there. I really enjoy looking thru the shops and I usually shop for a piece of jewelry. So I'm always searching for the best price. Have a great time. We will be at CSS in 8 days.

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    They also do (or used to do ) Soni's Plaza.

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    If its like CSS, they would take you to Taj Mahal. The shops are not bad, sure they want your business but its not aggressive like the market.
    There is a store in the middle of Taj Mahal - you will see it when you get there. If you buy multiple things like coffee and liquor you can get great prices.
    Hope this helps

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    Talk to your driver about what you're looking for. Our driver dropped everyone off and then went out with us to different stores off the beaten path. He even took us to several different stores to find the best price.

    The best part of this wife needed some alergy medicine (and we were looking for another medica; item for another guest). He took us to one place, didn't like the length of the line, and took us to another place which had the item.

    Yeah, he got a good tip.

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    We were at CSS the last 2 Decembers. We talked to Lij the first year and told him what I was looking for. He gave us his advice and his card. It was great. So, my opinion is talk to the staff at the desk, they can help guide you to what you are looking for. They often go above and beyond the call of duty.

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