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    Default Love that Wife O' Mine!!

    My lovely wife and I both have off the week after the 4th of July. Unfortunately we took too long to make good camping arrangements, and were left with setting up at family homes and cottages. A new driveway was in the works, (lots of work on the yard and house this spring!) So basically, no real vacation, lots of work, yayyyyyy summer!

    Today at work, my lovely wife walks in and informs me there will be no new driveway, and in 17 short days, we will be buck a$$ on the beach in Negril. Man! I LOVE THAT WIFE OF MINE!

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    Default Smiling

    Your post makes me smile ... may you both have a wonderful time!
    Sarah (& Baxter)
    CN 2009; CTI 2010; CSS 2011;
    CN 2012; CTI 2013

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    What a gal. Great surprise indeed.


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    That is so sweet

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    Way to go, Lori! Wish I was back there now, and only left a week and a half ago. We missed you guys. Linda and I have pictures to post for you 2 when we get everything settled at home.

    HAVE A GREAT TIME! This time, it's YOUR turn to drink the Ting & Vodka for us!


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    She's a KEEPER.

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    I think that is one of the best gifts you could ever give your husband/wife!

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    Tom and/or Lori,

    Email me ( Linda and I have some pictures from our trip a couple of weeks ago specifically for you two. Maybe, just maybe, these will get you through the next week! Now, get to packing.


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