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    Default single guests / pics b4 wedding

    i'm having about 20 guests for the wedding.
    some of my friends and family are single or do not have a significant other. how flexible if the resort with singles.
    i will have 6 single females.
    i am also considering doing pics before the wedding so i can
    enjoy the reception/steel drum band with my guests after the wedding . is this a bad idea ?

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    Correct me if I am wrong. I think only CSA offers a small number of rooms with single beds. They may of course stay in a normal room and pay double. Couples also limits the number of singles in a wedding party. This is to ensure the intimate atmosphere is maintained in the resorts. Would your female friends feel more comfortable staying at another resort where they could possibly meet their future significant other? After all, Couples is a couple-only resort. You will have to talk to the wedding coordinator to figure out the details.

    I would do the pictures after the ceremony because that's when you are most relaxed and happy. It will show in the pictures. The flow of the wedding could be disrupted especially you have a big group of guests. Assuming you are doing the whole getting ready with the girls and groom not see you before the ceremony thing, it would be pretty awkward to meet up with everyone to take pictures. Then have the guests seated while you go back to wait for the cue to come out. But then again, it's your wedding, do whatever you please. Good luck!

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    How about the six females bunk together? That's three rooms and the others can bunk up as well.

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    I am having a single as well, only 1 but still, and they made me write on a piece of paper that I am requesting a single be allowed to stay at the resort and then fax it to them so they can have their manager approve it. I haven't heard back from them yet about it but i'm really hoping they say yes, it's my 86yr old great aunt that kind of HAS to be there!

    As for doing pictures ahead of time, I think it's all up to how much you care about him seeing you before you walk down the isle, if it's not a big deal for you then go for it! But i'm looking so forward to seeing my future husband's face when he see's me walking towards him for the first time all done up, I wouldnt trade that for anything!

    Congrats and I'm sure everything will work out wonderfully! Also if any other brides have any more info about singles that attended their weddings and could post it, that would be great, thanks!

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    From the Wedding FAQs:

    "I have single friends and family members who I want to attend my wedding. Can they stay at the resort?
    "We understand how important your wedding is to you, however, in order to maintain the ambience of our couples only resorts we must limit the number of singles attending a wedding. First, a group contract must be issued by Couples Resorts. A group is comprised of at least 10 paying rooms. For this size group, we will allow one single room. For groups of 20 rooms or more, a maximum of 5% of the group may be single persons. In all cases, all rooms must be paid at the double occupancy rate(i.e., there is no single occupancy discount). The alternative to this policy is for your single friends and family members to stay at a nearby resort. Subject to approval by the Couples Resort General Manager, they may purchase a day pass in order to share in your special moment."
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    So I just heard back today, they are going to allow my great aunt to attend as a single, but I would guess that it's not a huge deal since it's just her. I'm so glad they approved her, now everything will be perfect!

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    that's great i need to contact the wedding coordinator

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    Any luck on having your singles bunk up together? I have two single girls hoepfully coming to my wedding...hopefully they can!

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    I had my brother and my wife brother stay together in the same room.
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