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    Default Help with wedding music

    Hi there... we are planning a Sept. 5th wedding at CSA (so excited) but I am still not sure how the music works during the beach wedding works... how many songs do we need to pick out? Do we need to ask one of our guests to work a boombox? Is a CD the easiest option?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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    Hey there, we were married at CSA on 8/3/09 and we didn't bring any music. The provided some Bob Marley for us to walk down to and to when the ceremony was over. The wedding coordinator works the boombox for you. You literally don't have to worry about a thing! I think they allow you three songs but I heard people had up to 10 or so..not really sure as we didn't bring a CD so can't really help you on that one. Enjoy every minute of it, it goes by way too fast!

    Meghan and Jeremy from VT

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    We took a CD with three Bob Marley songs. Three was enough and they have a boom box!

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