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    Default CN Anniversary Celebration

    Hello everyone, How many couples are planning on this years Annual Anniversary Celebration weekend at CN.

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    Go to Meet-Up-at Couples, at the top, below the pictures. Then, hit Negril's sight. Lastly, hit October Rocken Renagades thread (hope that is the right name). It shows the names and dates of arrival, as well as how many times each couple has "arrived home". We look forward to meeting everyone.

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    Hi! We will be there. This will be the 3rd year we have gotten to celebrate CN’s anniversary!
    What a wonderful time! I hope Randy or Sean (hint, hint!) Are able to post what “theme”
    It will be soon. Also, just like Wendy Borie mentioned, come on over to the “Meet up” thread and add your names and dates….
    It’s getting very close to “Double Digit” dance time…. For some, it already is!!!!!!

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