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    Default CTI and CSS in 7 days

    Couple of questions - we're spending 3 nights at CTI and 4 nights at CSS so we're a bit rushed for time at each resort. I've noticed that each Couples resort seems to have a bit different policy on dinner reservations. It's been about 6 years since we've been to CTI and 2 years since CSS so I can't remember their policies.

    When we arrive, how many days worth of reservations and how far in advance are we allowed to make at each resort? What I mean is when we arrive at CTI, can we make reservations for 8 Rivers and Bayside right then or do we have to make each reservation separately. Same question for CSS since both Palazzina and Ristorante Casanova

    At CN, you can only make 1 reservation at a time so we have to come back each day if we want a reservation which is a bit frustrating.

    Can't wait to see the updated CTI! CN and CSS are our favorites, but we wanted to get a taste of CTI again.

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    You can make your reservations at the same time, when you arrive.

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    At CTI, we have been able to make reservations the day of and a week out. We may need to be flexible with time when making reservations the day of, but that's okay. We arrive on the 3rd,

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