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    Default Texans in August at CSS?

    We'll be at CSS August 15-21 - we're transplants to North Texas, like a lot of folks here, and love wine, cooking, traveling, Boston Sports (GO SOX!) and life in general. We're looking forward to a kid-free vaca with no worries, mon! Anyone else be there same time?
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    We would normally be, but the little one starts school that week. We were at CSA..our first trip to Couples! last year at that time. This year, will be at CSS 8/2 thru 8/8. It's too bad we'll miss y'all!

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    We arrive the day before you on the 14th. We are from a town about 60 miles south of Chicago. Now that the kids are older, we are really starting to like this travel thing. Went to CSA last August and decided to try the other side of the island this time. I cannot wait!!!

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