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    Default 1st time to Jamaica and AN

    My husband and I along with another couple wil be going mid january and 1st time for all. We are considering CSS. We are very nervous but want to experience the AN beach. Is CSS a good choice for us?We will not be into socializing very much. Also, I am a liitle hesitant of AN because of all the stretch marks from my pregnancies. Is this a common sight?

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    Oh, are you in for a great time! 1st of all, don't worry about your battle scars...look around at your local grocery store... those are the type of people you will meet at the AN beach. The AN experience is the best ever...seriously. I had some MAJOR apprehension leading up to our trip, but after about 3 seconds on the beach my worries and swimsuit were gone! The feeling is pure Heaven and once you try it, you will be bummed out when you have to put clothes on! Big Bonus=No Wet Swimsuits to walk around in!! Relax and Have A Great Time!

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    Rest assured, you will be fine! The marks and scars we all carry will be all but unnoticed. Bring an open mind and a smile, and I assure you that you will feel more comfortable than you thought possible. As with anywhere, perfect bodies are rare, average bodies are the norm. But I will guarantee you will enjoy it if you just let the rest of the world behind, and be there, natural, with the one you love!

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    CSS is THE PERFECT place to be a first timer. Just go, drop the laundry, have Jhanel fix you a drink and slide into the pool. ReElax a little and then slide over to the group and say "Hi I'm Honey and this is my firt time!" They will take it from there. You will be FAST FRIENDS with everyone in about two seconds...Honest!

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    Honey, check out the AN section on the board. There are a lot of comments on just such fears. After reading all that is said by everyone about the AN experience, you will be able to relax and enjoy.

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    I find this subject to be very interesting! We r going to CTI and I want to try AN but, my husband says no. I have stretch marks and no kids. (lol) I just want to try it but, he's not open to the idea. I would never think of doing it without him. Can anyone come up with any ideas to help me sway his decision? Thanking everyone in advance for their suggestions.

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    CSS has a great A/N facility, and it's an all-around great resort. Both beaches are completely private. Walk over to the beach, find a spot, disrobe, and if after a bit you feel uncomfortable, <shrug>, put your bathing suit back on and go back to the "main" resort. It's not a pick-up joint, it's not a singles' club. I think you'll find yourself completely comfortable. As my husband said, it was disconcerting for about 30 seconds.

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    HoneySWLA - You will absolutely love CSS, and there's no better place to try A/N for the first time than Sunset Beach. We first went to CSS in Feb, and loved it so much we went back in April. If you'd like, send us an e-mail at and we'll send you lots of information and suggestions about CSS and SSB, and we'll send you some pictures of our trips as well.

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    Bribe him.


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    After 3 kids, my stomach looks like a road map of the United States with Interstates, State road and Local road all on it!!!!
    There all people of all shapes and sizes and all ages. Most people have some "battle scars". It comes with life.
    We were on a nude beach in NJ once, and there was this lovely couple that were both easily in the 80's. God Bless them!

    Do you know why he is hesitant? My husband was the same way. I was not able to convince him on our first trip to CTI to try the Tower Island.
    His upbringing had a lot to do with it and men, just like women have insecurities about their bodies too. Ask if he will try for a half an hour and if he does not like it then you will leave. I think he will be hooked. My husband is fine with it now.

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    Standard answer seen here alot is that you should not force your spouse to do something that they are uncomfortable with. I will admit that it is usually the wife that is reluctant, but no double still applies. My suggestion is to keep "casually" mentioning it and talking about it. Try to get him to read about it on the MB. Assure him that he will be the sexiest guy over there in your eyes. Play to his emotion, ego, humor, likes, or whatever it takes. The key is to just et him over there for thirty minutes. If you can get him over there, everything else will work out. Just remember, as us country boys say, it is easier to lead a horse through the gate than it is to push him through.

    If all else fails, refer to Bilkat and bribe him with what puts the biggest smile on his face....if that fails, THREATEN him with never getting that smile again!!!!!!!
    Peace, Love, and Respect
    CN 2002, COR 2007, CTI 2009, 2010, 2011
    CTI June 4-15, 2012

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    You will have an amazing time!! CSS is a beautiful resort. We did the day trade from CTI and wished we had booked at CSS.

    The AN beach is the best of all the Couples AN beaches. You don't have to leave it if you don't want to because they have a grill right there. My wife and I went with our very best friends. We tried the AN thing in the morning and they tried it in the afternoon while we were at the spa. We all met up there later in the day. It really was no big deal! We met some of the greatest people having great conversations. All types of "bodies" were there.

    While at the AN beach at CSS the staff came to the pool and started up pool games. If you want to be social you can and if not no big deal. Trust me though its hard not to be while there, its such a great time!!

    spice 505

    Make him a deal...Go try it for a full 30 minutes if he doesn't like it head back to the other side. That what we did. Thank goodness it was on our second day cause we were there everyday.

    Which resort are you going to? He might be more willing to try it at CTI on the island.

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    OMG, all these r funny. He says the reason he don't want to go is because he's has a big stomach and hairy chest. Yeah right! I have a big stomach & hairy chest also and I am willing to try! Well maybe not a hairy chest but, I will still try. My husband is one of those men that have always been uncomfortable with his body. When he was a smaller man years ago, he still would have said no. These r just excuses. I like the idea of the bribe with what makes him smile. We r going to CTI and we definitely have time for me to work on him since we r not going until 09/2011. Thanks all for the funny and great suggestions.

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