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    Default Low calorie drinks?

    We are headed back to CN on Sunday and I was wondering if anyone has any ideas for low calorie drinks. I'm on a diet and don't want to completely ruin it while on vacation (which I did last year by drinking many, many Hummingbirds and Miami Vices). Yum! Still want something refreshing on the beach, but not too many calories.

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    T&t :d

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    I bring generic Crystal Light packets, then order vodka and club soda. I add the packet and tada - flavor without nearly as many calories!

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    How about a Pink Ting? 1oz Grenadine
    2 dashes Angostura bitters
    Top with Ting over ice

    Really refreshing!

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    Refined alcohol will be laden with sugar, but Vodka is reasonable (brings my wifes blood sugar down, actually), and rum and diet is a great mix. The diet fixes that super-sweet problem of Rum/Regular.

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    Calories???? Diet?????? no such things at Couples LOL!!!!

    Seriously though, I find it's best to stick to vodka & diet coke which I do religously at home, however, I can't visit Jamaica & not drink appletons

    I spent 1wk @ CSA & 1wk @ CN in May & managed only to gain 6lbs - mainly due to avoiding carbs, but I couldnt resist the desserts & appletons.

    My advice? try to forget the diet, but eat sensibly - pile on the salad, fruit & veg & AVOID the carbs.

    Above all have a fantastic time, you'll have the rest of the year to stick to healthy eating....ya mon

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    Anything with diet and an alcohol would be your best bet other than a Red Strip light. Drink a glass of water between each alcoholic drink and that will help significantly.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    What about juice or fruit smoothies, no sugar syrup added, with a shot of rum or vodka. I like Ting and Vodka, but the Ting has sugar.Three years ago at CTI (then COR) I gained so much weight from the food and drinks, I had to find something with elastic waist so I would be somewhat comfortable on the flight. Last year, I just was more careful, exercised in the am in the gym as well as did the power walks up the mountain and it helped. Good luck!

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    Rum and Diet Soda is very low calorie...and yummy!

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    Default Too many virgin hummingbirds

    I'm with you - last January after spending about 2 1/2 weeks at Couples I gained 11 pounds! Previous trips I was better about drinking Crystal Lite - but not this last time. The plan for the next trip is to do more Cystal Lite. Take empty plastic pop bottles with you - make sure you put a label on it so the housekeepers don't throw them out. Mark a fill line for the water. I've never had a problem with their water. So I'm not totally depriving myself - I'm going to daily go through the list of non-alcoholic drinks and have a new one each day. Also vowing to myself - no afternoon - or late evening visit to the soft serve ice cream machine at CN (note to CN - don't remove this - it's a great asset that other Couples Resorts don't seem to have).

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    Hmm, does anyone know a good drink recipe with Crystal Light? I bet vodka with iced tea packet would be good. Anyone ever mix their crystal light with soda or tonic water?

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    My personal favorite is coconut rum with club soda and a splash of juice (pineapple is what I like.) VERY refreshing, low in calories and doesn't contain any artificial sweeteners. (which I avoid like the plague.)

    See these two articles on artificial sweeteners and weight loss:
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    Tequilla chilled, than sipped not shot!!!!

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    How about a wine spritzer using diet 7up?

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    I like iced tea (unsweetened) and peach schnapps. Yum

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