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    Default Help ! What should I do about pictures ???

    Happy Memorial Day to All !!

    My husband and I are renewing our vows in July.. We never had a wedding so this is all new to us. I have contacted an outside photographer to take pics after the renewal off property. They are willing to work with us for an amazing price. Too good , I almost cant say no. I asked my friend her opinion. She says I shouldn't trust going off property, especially with the price they are offering. I am torn!! The resort prices are way too much for little or no photos. The island photographer has a great price for all photos... By the way, it is a photographer that has been mentioned several times in these blogs. With amazing work.. So I am asking my fellow brides WHAT SHOULD I DO ???

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    I think you should go with it. I know some people think you will get ripped off by paying someone you dont know to do you pictures. Honestly, that's how most people get their wedding pictures done in Jamaica. I don't think you have anything to worry about. May I ask you hired as your photographer?

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    I have heard of and seen pics of many people who go off-property with their wedding photographers.... I don't think you have any reason to worry about it, especially if it is a professional photog. who has been praised all over this website.

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    I would say if its one that's been mentioned, Diana Campbell, Stacey Clarke, Mischa Earle to name a few you are fine!

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    Thanks everybody. I went with Diana Campbell. If you are considering call her and speak to her about pricing. She will work with you... The big day is July 27th. Im so ready. Trust me I will post pics when we return.

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    We just got back from our wedding at Couple Swept Away and we went with Diana Campbell I couldn't be more happier with our choice, she was able to work with our budget. Her and her son Richard came to the resort and took pictures while I was getting ready and captured every moment. I was soo worried about pictures but let me tell you it was the best choice we made. Here is a link to a few of our pictures http://www.jamaicaweddingphotographe...ographers.html

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    Thank you for sharing. Your pictures are beautiful ! Im glad I made the choice to go with them. I ready for my date to get here in July. Please come back and look at my pictures. Your flowers are beautiful as well. Were they an upgrade or did they come with the package?

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    I went with the resort photographer at CTI, could not be any happier! Check out my photos for yourself. The prices are not that bad, you can go as big or little with your package.
    Happy planning!

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    Thanks H.search19... Your pictures are beautiful !!Thanks for sharing. I just really want nice pictures ya know

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    Thanks! I totally understand!! You don't have to worry about that at ALL! They take sooo many as well so you have lots to pick from. Bring pics on what you like. It really helped my photographer I think! Happy planning and congrats!!

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    Mslady my flowers were an upgrade but so worth it I love bright colors. The basic flowers are also pretty you just get one color though. You will love Diana and her son Richard they are great people and so much fun to work with. Enjoy your special day and don't worry about a thing they know what they are doing

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    We just had our wedding at CSS and went with Diana and her son Richard. They did a great job and easy to work with. I think you made a good choice
    Our pictures are on our website at

    Click on other pictures and then Wedding.


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    We just returned from Couples Negril and we chose Stacey Clarke Photography for our wedding pics. She was amazing tp work with and we can't wait to see all the pictures she took.

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    Jellen, your pictures are great! Thanks for sharing

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    Congrats ! Can't wait to see your pictures. What time was your ceremony? We chose 4pm. I hope it doesnt rain that day, as Im sure most brides do... My time is coming quickly....Im getting more and more excited !!

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    My husband and I had an amazing time at CN renewing our vows. We did go with Diana Campbell She picked us up (4 of us) and had a great shoot, until I got sick and we had to stop. However Diana was determined to finish. She offered to come back that afternoon to get us to finish. I just wasnt up to it. She came back the next day and showed us a great time in town. I do recommend her and her son. As far as pricing, she will work within your budget and well worth it.

    I am having some technical difficulties trying to download pictures. They are saying the files are too big. I will continue to load these pics.

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    My personal opinion is yes you should go.

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    Hi everyone, according to my point of view, you should go with it. I know some people think you will get ripped off by paying someone you dont know to do you pictures. Honestly, that's how most people get their wedding pictures done in America. I don't think you have anything to worry about.

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