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    Default August Come Quick!!!

    Only 30 days until my return trip to Jamaica and I'm going crazy with anticipation!! I'm having to bide my time by looking at old pictures and drinking Red Stripe!!

    This will be our first trip to the OR side of the island after two trips to Negril. Any recommendations about what day to try to do the Dunn's River excursion? Is there any day that is usually less crowded or when you don't have to fight with the big cruise ships? Just trying to figure out what to do first!

    Also, can anyone tell me if it usually rains as often on this side of the island? Our last two trips we had a nice shower in the afternoon to cool things off almost every day (perfect for a nice nap after a big lunch and a couple of drinks)!

    One last question, everyone talks about the CSS rooms based on their block #. Any idea what blocks the Ocean Verandah suites are in? I'm hoping that we're up on the cliff area with more of a view rather than quick beach access, but if we're not, maybe I'll try to swich room types.

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    Hey we are right there with ya on this August come soon I cannot help you with your questions as this is our first visit too. But I did want to say we will be at CSS on the 8/6 - 8/13 and getting married on 8/9/10 cannot wait we booked the one bedroom ocean view suite since this is our weddingmoon and the specials were to good to pass up hope to run into you guys and as the joke goes the drinks are on me

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    We will see you there then because we'll be there the 7th through the 13th! Congratulations on your wedding!

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    Don't forget to post on the meet up board! We will be there 8/2 thru 8/8! Can't wait!

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