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    Default Tower Isle Tiles (continued)

    Here are a couple of pix of the artisans with the "creative inspiration" (my lovely wife) for the Tower Isle tiles mural we had done in July this year during our 5th anniversary vacation to CTI.
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    Default beach music

    January 2009
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    Default Honeymoon at CSA

    #1. "One Love"
    I have to give credit to our amazing bartender Adrian for making these beautiful Bob Marley shots for my wife and I

    #2. "Last Rays of Sun"

    #3. "Sunset in Paradise"
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    Default Jamaica's National Bird

    Sitting on our verandah, after a rain shower, we watched this little Dr. Bird visit his favorite red flowers.
    Looking toward the beach, he is highlighted against the background of palms and sailboats.
    Just one tiny reason, among the many, that keeps bringing us back to this heavenly place!
    Emily and Gale Boyd
    August 21, 2009 (6th trip to CSA)

    "Stopping by our front porch at Couples Swept Away"
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    Default Photo Contest

    3rd Trip to Couples, These are from Couples Negril. Jamaica Baby!
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