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    Default Ivan Islanders/Sept 2009

    This is just a test...not sure how this is working!! Can't find posts from yesterday on old message board...

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    ScottandKim, You can click MEET UP AT COUPLES [in blue in 'old' MB menu] above to find your way back to the old Meet up at CTI.

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    hmm this is interesting, just trying this out

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    scott and kim will c u at sunny rest

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    Hey Rob & Steph,

    So glad you'll be able to make it! Mom & Dad and Paul & Debbie will also be there!! That's 10 of us so far! Still waiting to hear from Dave & Sue. See you soon

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    So we got this great call from Scott, Kim, Joe and Bobbie! We are putting plans in motion to meet the crew at Sunny Rest! Miss you all! <3

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    Hi everyone!

    This is paul and debbie (we changed our log on name).

    So looking forward to sunny rest and spending time with the great ivan islander crew.

    C u all then & take care!

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    Default sunnyrest

    kim r u guys camping again or u getting a room?

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    Rob & Stephanie...we'll be camping in our usual spot by the tennis courts! Paul & Debbie, Mom & Dad booked rooms. Scott &'s hoping you make it...plan to spend some time with us in Jersey too! Still waiting to hear from Dave & Sue. So looking forward to seeing everyone!

    10 more weeks till Jamaica!!


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    Default Hey All

    Hey Everyone!

    So you all are off to Sunnyrest again! Make sure you tell us ALL about it! By the way, nice pic under the SEPTEMBER contest!!!

    Monifa and Will

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    kim and who ever else is going to sunnyrest with u i made reservations for all of us at the fireside(yellow tree) restaurant for friday night around 7. i know mom and dad will be up to it. they have pretty good food there. if u r into it made it for 10 or 12 people. ok? see ya

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    Hi Rob & Steph! Don't think dinner reservations will work. Mom already bought tons of food to bbq. We're planning to bring most of the food and splitting the bill. Will keep you posted!


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    ok it was just a thought

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    Hey guys,

    Sad news. We will not be joining you at Sunnyrest. We will be moving. Hope you all have fun. Miss you all!

    Scott & Jessica

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    Onebad_hurricane (Camille) and I (Mike) will be arriving for our 8th visit, 9/15, and leaving 9/22. Hope to see you all!

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    Scott and Jess.... hope the move went well.... we know you have those airline tickets.... can they be used for Jamaica??? ha ha

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    We'll be there from Sept 9-22. Glad you kids also got a new flag. Hopefully they'll also have a new Jamaican flag by then also so we can all be proud....
    Fred and Cynthia

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    Default Anxious

    Hi Everyone!

    Two weeks from today we will be in paradise but missing alot of wonderful friends we have made over the years.

    Brent and Jean - you are in our thoughts always and will miss you both. It will not be the same.

    I would love to name them all but the list would take up too large of a space and the moderator might get made at us.

    You know who you are and the first drink will be your honor. Hopefully you will be joining us next time.

    Take care and keep in touch.

    Our love and best
    Paul and Debbie

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    About 9 days, 21 hours now for us "1st timers"

    I'm sure we will fall in love with CTI, just like all of you have. Heres hoping for no bad weather while we're there, though!!

    Kelly & Derrick

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    Default confused!! Trying to meet friends going Sept 9-13!

    Hi ya'll... just checking in .... we are counting down... Hope to meet som eof you guys, but heck, I though I was educated but I am lost as a fart in a whirlwind on this message board! Guess ya'll have to be "elementary" for me and say...."Stef & Tommy, we are gonna be there!!!! hahahahah! Find us!!!!

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    To all Ivan Islanders... the new flag has arrived.... I may be biased since i helped in the design but I think it looks awesome.... We took over to Bobbi and Joe's and they gave it their blessing.....

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    Stef - don't worry. You will meet alot of wonderful people. We have made so many friendships (priceless) over the years and too many to name from all over the world and are still in contact today either by phone, message board and email. Many of us meet this time each year at CTI.

    Jamaica - No Problem!!!

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    13 days to go!!!

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    Hi Scott & Kim, Joe & Bobbie, and Fred & Cynthia

    Only a week to go and we are in paradise with our wonderful friends and looking forward to meeting new ones.

    See you all on TI. I have a surprise and I am not pregnant.


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    Debbie... bummer I was looking forward to being a candidate for the godfather!! Let the countdown begin!!! I can almost taste the Red Stripe and smell the aroma from the island.... oh wait didnt they fix the septic system...hahahaha

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