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    Default aug.17 to the 24th anyone else

    Hi I'm Patti and my fiance is Mike.Were going to be there in august from the 17th to the 24th.So excited because we are getting married there on the 19th.We are looking for a fun couple to hang out with and drink some bob marleys on the beach.I'm 32 and Mike is 24,were pretty down to earth.If we find the right people we would maybe like you to stand at our wedding

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    Hi, Patti. Congratulations on your wedding. My wife and I will be there August 22-26. Our first time at CTI and it's our 3rd year anniversary.

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    I am beyond excited I've actually been counting down the days.My parents have been to this resort twice and said it's a magical place to be.Maybe we could meet up and have a drink,to bad you guys are getting there a couple of days before we leave.

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    I can just imagine the excitement. We were actually scheduled to visit Riu in Ocho Rios but changed out plans after stumbling upon the Couples website and reading all the wonderful reviews.....and plus, its just for kiddos!

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    tell me about it.we have 3 kids and this the first time we've ever gone anywhere.i don't know if were ever gonna want to come

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    Default CTI August 15-21st

    Tramp and Cinda will be there the 15th-21st,I will be 35 August 15th,she's 33.This will be my 5th time and her first!

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    We'll miss you by one day 5 times to CTI? I am guessing that you kinda like the resort? What are your favorite things to do at CTI since you've been there so many times. Have you visited any other Couples resorts, T-Ramp?

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    Thats awsome you have been there so many times,my mom swears by couples shes been there twice.I'm excited to meet you would we know it's you.I'm a big girl black hair and a dolphin tattoo on the back of my neck.and Mike is a skinny hair and a dragon tattoo on his right forearm.Looking forward to maybe getting together for a poolside mai tai

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    We are traveling the same dates - will probably be in the same van. We're getting in to MB around 2pm. Can't believe its less than two months!

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    Thats awsome we'll be there the same day.We arrive at 11:30am though.Tell me a little about yourselves.Mike and I have been together 3 years as of July 19th,were getting married on the 19th of august(totally excited),we have 3 kiddos 9,6,and 2.

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    We will be arriving on the 21st. Congrats on your wedding! Hope to see you there at some point!

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    Hi, Serenety. My wife and I will be there a day after you get there on Aug. 21st. We don't have any kiddos! I am tall 6foot3 and people say I look like Ruben Studdard (American Idol). My wife is about 5'5" and has the most beautiful smile.

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    Hi MrHood! We look forward to seeing you threre! I'll be the one with red and blonde hair and we will be laughing and having a great time!
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    well i'm looking forward to meeting all of you.

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    Hi, Serenity. I think I'll be able to find you at CTI. Look forward to meeting everyone. Getting more excited about going as the weeks draw closer.

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    my fiance and soon to be bride, will be there from the 16th-23rd. hope to meet new people while there.

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    My husband and I will be there from the 17th to the 22nd I'm 32 and he's 27. This is our first time and we are soo excited! See you there!

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    I am so happy to see other couples that are going to be there the same time we are.So flippin excited 27 days until we arrive.We have 3 kiddo's and have never been on a vacation.I don't know what to do with myself I'm about ready to jump out of my skin.So who's gonna brave the nude island?I was thinking about it but I'm a little on the fluffy side ok fiance is all for it.

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    Hey its less than a month - let the countdown begin

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