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    Default Questions about CN

    I am heading to couples CN tomorrow and i had a few being do they have the piano bar? I was reading through the inclusive options and all of them said piano bar but that one and i was hoping they did. The other was it says round trip transportation to the resort but i have seen others post on here they should be tipped. I thought it said no tipping was permitted so im kind of confused.

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    Yes, there is a piano bar...they stay open til the last persons vocal cords are trashed or have danced the behinds off....a must do for sure!

    As far as the transportation...Couples does provide the shuttle but it's contracted through an outside don't have to leave a large tip... a buck or two per bag is plenty...the drivers are a hoot, lot's of information along the way if you wish to ask or if you are tired and want to nap on the way they will leave you in peace! Enjoy!

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    Yes, CN has a piano bar.

    Tipping of Couples' employees is not permitted. The driver who transports guests to the resort is not a Couples' employee. The people who work in the spa are not resort employees either, so it is permissible to tip them as well.
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    Default CN questions

    Yes, CN has an awesome piano bar that is open late each night. Transportation to the resort is included but the drivers are not Couples employees so you can tip them and we always do. Others that you can tip are the spa staff and the guys running catamaran cruise. Have a great time!

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    Yes, they do have a piano bar. Don't miss Paul Tucker on the nights he is there. The transport drivers are not Couples employees, you can "and should" tip them. "No problem mon"...

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