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    Default Undecided on resort?

    I am just wondering if anyone has been to all four of the resorts and could suggest the one they found to be the best...We are going Dec.5-12. I was leaning towards CTI, but heard that it was not as nice as CSS. Any suggestions would help. Also If anyone has any pics from CSS, I would love to see them...

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    shelly37ann - We have spent a week at CSA, 2 weeks at CSS, and did trading places to CN and CTI, all last winter. By far, CSS is our favourite! Send us an e-mail at if you'd like, and we'll send you lots of information and pictures of CSS!

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    Each resort is unique, and each has its fans. There is no "best" resort. Different people have different preferences, and what appeals to me might not appeal to you. For example, KarenON says that CSS is her favorite. We've stayed at all four resorts (not just visited some through Trading Places), and CSS is our least favorite. We spend most of our time on the beach, so we prefer the Negril resorts.

    If CTI is the resort that appeals to you the most, select that resort. We were last at CTI in January and had a fabulous time.
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    We have done CN CTI and CSS. You will not get much help as everyone is different and they all have their own opinion. Here's my 2 cents. Go with your first choice CTI. We love CTI, it was our first couples Resort (way before the renovation). When it was closed we tried CSS and CN, they were both nice but not the same as CTI. We've been back to CTI and CSS since they reopened CTI and I'm telling you the others do not compare. Having said thet, I'm sure you will enjoy whichever you choose and you can always sign up for the Romance Rewards and try the other resort on the trading places day. Don't agonize over the choice, just jump in and look forward to which ever you pick.

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    Shelly, We have only stayed at CSS and did the trading places to CTI. When I started looking at booking a vacation at Couples, I was leaning toward CTI. However, it was under renovations, and so I booked CSS. Not a problem, we loved CSS. Howerver, depending on what you are looking for depends on which one of the two you would want. After we visited CTI, were glad we had stayed at CSS. The reason for us was the feel of the place. In our opinion, CSS is more rustic, where CTI is more hotel like. We loved all the vegetation and nature at CSS, which in the short time at CTI we did not notice. We also liked the layout of CSS, the buildings seemed more cottage like, where CTI seemed as I said above, more hotel like. But, depending on what you want, you may like CTI better. My suggestion would be to look at all the pictures you can find of both of them, look at what is included in both, and go to the one that is calling you. As Dandj said above, if you join Romance Rewards, you can do the trading places, and check out the one you did not choose. Then, the next time you can either try the other one, or stay where you are at, whichever is to your liking.

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    shelly shelly shelly ! As Pamela has already spoken to the issue, "the best" is all depends on which person you speak with first. If they are from Couples a resort a, you may get a rave for a. A lot of time it turns out to be the first one you visit. It has been like that for many of us. Now. If you luuuuuvvvveeeedddd your "first time", you may decide that you could keep coming back to this very place for the next 20 years. Case closed. This Couples resort is now your "best".
    The wonderful outstanding thing about the four very unique, warm, absolutely gorgeous Couples resorts is, regardless of which one you one you stay.

    As so many "newbies"soon discover, they don't find the resort, the resort finds them.

    Look at all the virtual tour pic on the web site. Then, rather than let any of us persuade you to try "my best, my best" let the feelings that you and your mate develop, dictate the choice. And remember, there is no "wrong" answer. I think your experience will be made greater, by the joint, or should I rephrase that. By the combined decision you both come to.

    Now I'm not trying to steer you one way or another. BUT......our best is Tower Isle. We have stayed there, I think its 29. But don't let that move you in any way. And forget about the 35 million dollar renovation. If you were to be reading a magazine, and came across gorgeous resorts, you would see pictures of TI. Now remember, this is your decision.

    have fun.


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