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    Default Questions about jewelry and snorkling

    Since we're planning to get married at CTI, my soon to be hubby is being really weird about me wearing my engagement ring on this trip.

    He is so worried something will happen.

    I don't want to get married without my engagement ring.

    Any advice on being safe? What to do, what not to do? He is trying to freak me out that someone will try to chop my hand off to get my ring.

    I know I won't be wearing it that much on the resort due to sand/lotion/water.

    Secondly, I have a SERIOUS FEAR of water. I can swim like a fish... it's a thing from my past from two near drownings.

    Brian loves water sports, especially snorkling and scuba diving. He wants me to do this so badly. I am so scared.

    How deep is the water there for snorkling? What's it like?

    I think I'll need Xanax.

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    I've been close to 100 feet on dives at CTI. Stick with snorkeling from the beach.

    I've seen more than one bride frantically searching the beach and water looking for rings. My wife doesn't bring any of her good stuff.

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    I'm not getting married without my real jewelry either. Isn't there a safe in the room for when you go swimming?

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    There are safes in the room for the good stuff - so just keep it there until the big day...
    As for snorkeling - you must wear a lifevest and they take you to an area that isn't even 10 feet deep.
    Have fun, don't need XANAX - just Bob Marley shots

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    I can see you not wanting to get married without the real ring. I would take it for the ceremony and leave it in the safe afterward.

    However, here's an idea I'll share with you that my husband and I did. We bought "lake rings". We just called them lake rings because we were at the lake every weekend and wanted rings to wear that weren't our "real" rings and weren't super expensive, in case we should lose one. They are just plain gold bands and we wear them on all of our vacations.

    I miss my diamond sometimes at the resort, but I'd rather miss it for a week than miss it forever!!

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    I know this is an old thread but wanted to add some information that really surprised my DH and I recently.

    Every year when going on vacation we always would start talking about getting my jewelry added to our home owners policy. To do this we had to get the pieces appraised which simply meant a trip to the local jeweler. With me being the biggest procrastinator in the world I simply put it off all the time.

    Well this year I finally did it!!

    I do not wear a lot of jewelry, just a bracelet, pair of earrings and my wedding set. When we go on vacation the only thing I wear are my wedding rings. The rest is kept at home in the safe deposit box and I take some "Island Wear" jewelry. Which is just some nice sodalite pieces set in silver and CZ earrings.

    The surprise/SHOCK came when the appraisals came back for the 4 pieces that I was wearing every single day at just over $36,000.00!! I assure you we did not pay that much. It seems with the price of GOLD increasing so much the value of some pieces DH purchased several years ago had increased 300-400%.

    So ladies PLEASE do not put off adding your jewelry to your home owners policy. It not only covers theft but loose of a stone or "mysterious" disappearance. This would cover a circumstance such as snorkeling and your ring comes off. Or you have a bracelet and the clasp breaks causing you to lose the bracelet.

    The cost of the policy with a $500.00 deductible was $215.00 for a year. We were worried that it was tied to our home owners policy and IF the need to file a claim arose it would negatively affect the overall policy. They assured us even though it was a "rider" to the HO policy it would be considered a no fault claim. No negative impact at all toward the original policy.

    Its not just on vacation that stuff happens! It would be horrible to lose our wedding rings, but to lose them and not have them insured is even worse!

    Have a wonderful SAFE trip!

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