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    Default Room block at CN for AN Acess.....

    Hey just wondering what would be the best room block and the closest access to the An beach , we are booked in the beach front dlx, and what floor would you recommened for best view's 1,2,3 ?

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    judging by the pic it appear block 9 is the closest

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    Building 9 is the closest to the AN beach at CN.

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    Building 9 - 2nd or 3rd floor.
    ... it keepsh me shane

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    We were there in the middle of April and stayed on the first floor of building 9. It was GREAT! Couldn't have been any more convenient. This was our first AN experience and we weren't too sure we'd like it. It took 5 minutes to realize how great it was. Once you got to the bar on the AN beach you were just a few steps from our room. Next time we go we're definitely going to try for building 9.

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