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    Default Deep Sea Fishing @ CSA

    My husband and I would like to go deep sea fishing (I know this is an extra charge) while at CSA. Does anyone know the name of the company that is chartered from there? I would like to check out any pictures they might have on their website.

    Erin & Patrick

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    Were looking in doing the same thing out of the Negril. Not too many responses seem to get back on this topic. We booked through AAA and they are doing some research for us. There is a guide named Stanley's that seems to get ok reviews. You can see some of his reviews on tripadvisor. Just search Negril deep sea fishing charters or something like that on the internet. There does not appear to be too many.

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    Default Fishing

    While we were at CTI in April of this year, I booked a private chartered fishing boat with Annette from Prestige Tours at the Front Desk. I'm not quite sure about CSS, but I think I remember Annette saying that they do the same things there - with the same boat............ which was NICE! We had Cap'n Dan, Rog, and another fella, whose name just escaped me. Great guys........ great boat..... very safe....... and I would not hesitate to do it again!

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    Hi Erin and Patrick,
    When we were at CSA in April there was a sign on the side of the Water Sports hut with a phome number you could call to make arrangements for deep sea fishing and sunset cruises. I'll look for it and post it here in a day or 2. The other thing people do is talk to the guys walking the beach selling the jet ski's. Ask for Cosmo (Cosman). I know he can make these arrangements for you. He's been on the beach at CSA for a number of years and has alway been respectful in his sales.

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    I am not sure who does it but you can book it right at the hotel it was $125-150.00 USD per person. We didn't end up doing it so I can't say if it was good but just thought I would give you the price range.

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    Thanks everyone! Karon, I will be sure to ask for Cosmo.

    Thanks again!
    Erin & Patrick

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    125.00 - 150.00? Thats seems cheap! I would have thought it would be closer to 1000.00. So we can book this at CTI when we arrive if we decide to do it?

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